A prayer about my money

Dear Lord,
You own all my money, but you know how sometimes I get attached to it.
I have plans for it, and there never seems to be enough of it.
But, oh, how amazing it is to watch you multiply it when I let go.
I don't have any excess, so how much do you want?
All of it? How is that possible?
You're showing me already where it belongs. You've written someone on my heart.
You've sketched a place in my mind's eye that needs your touch.
Giving hurts. I feel nervous to let it go. I feel afraid to participate.
What if I've misheard you?
Really, Lord? All of it?
Let me work, you say.
Okay, I will. I love you. I trust you. Everything is yours, anyway.
Thank you for using me. Thank you for growing me.

image by Junior Libby


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