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A prayer for justice and vengeance

Oh, Lord God of love and vengeance, 

You uphold the cause of the fatherless and widows.
You put the orphans in families.
You release those imprisoned by sin into freedom.
You bring justice for the abused.
You feed the hungry and clothe the naked.
You sit with the lonely.
You heal the sick.
You remember the abandoned.
You lift up the fallen.
You embrace the unloved.

You are all we need.
Always and forever.
You are everything we could ever long for, 
hope for,
or strive for.

No, you are more than that.
I praise you and believe in you 
that you will serve justice and give hope to _________
as he/she fights against the evil forces that come against his/her life.
I pray for God's Holy Spirit to pour out like fire from heaven 
on ___________ and the needs sitting before him/her.

Decimate the evil that pushes in
and the enemy that sows doubt, fear, and worry.
I pray against the Liar of all lies,
against his forces of evil
and against the people who allow the enemy to work in them and through them.

If they will not…

Thank you for being my Rock

Thank you, Lord.

You are so good.
All the time,
in every situation,
you have our best at heart.
Your love motivates you to move mountains
and change cultures
so that more people can search you and find you.

Thank you for your protection from this virus.
Thank you for our homes, schools, friends, church,
and virtual possibilities that much of the world can't access.
Thank you for healthcare professionals and modern medicine.

We are so fortunate.
So blessed.
And so easily frustrated.
Forgive me for my selfishness.

I want to revel in your goodness
and in the faith that you make all things whole.
You bring good out of a messy world
and glory from disaster.

I praise you and trust you.
You are my Rock.

"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer."--Psalm 19:14

Prayer against COVID-19 illness

Lord God,

You are the God who Heals.
You can stop this virus whenever you want.

Lord, I don't want to interfere in your larger plan
but could you slow down the path of this virus?

Would you please in your mercy,
protect the old from getting sick?

Would you guard the children as they try to do school?
Would you give parents grace, patience, and safety from getting sick?

Lord, give the medical personnel strength to resist the illness,
patience to tend to the sick,
and time to recover?

Make this virus die out quickly.
Reduce its reach.
Let all those who know you rejoice and praise your name.
Convict Christians who are being rude, selfish, bigoted, or judgmental
to close their mouths and repent before you.
Help those who follow you to be shining examples of love and mercy in action.

May the whole world feel your love through the actions of your people.
We give you praise and honor for your healing power
and your relentless pursuit of those who don't know you.

In Jesus' name,

Prayer for Coronavirus and the fear that goes with it

Dear Lord,

You are not worried.
You are not uninterested.
You still wrap your hands around your children and draw us
even when events seem to say otherwise.

Give us peace, comfort, and healing
during this time of physical and emotional unrest.

Heal those affected by the virus.
Multiply the time, effort, and supplies of those in the healthcare industry.
I pray that people will safeguard themselves,
respect others,
and be patient with all the turbulence and unrest caused by
a pandemic.

I pray for all who worry and suffer to search for you
while you can be found.

Lord, may we be found by you.
You are good,
you are merciful,
you are gracious,
you are forgiving,
and you are healing.

Heal our wounds--
the ones inside our hearts,
where we stray from you
and live for ourselves,
by ourselves.

Most of all, we need healing from fear.
I pray for your love to consume us.
Love drives fear away
because there is no fear in love.

Whatever you do with viruses, work, and finances, 
we love and trust you.
In Jesus' name,

Understanding myself is messy

Lord God,

I've been upset about something for awhile
and I've prayed for clarity and wisdom.
I have not been able to figure out what to do or why something has happened.

You gave me clarity.
You sorted the mess with me.
I inquired of you,
I sought counsel,
and I opened myself up to the possibility 
that I was mistaken and defensive,
that my conclusions were incorrect.

You helped me humble myself.
You gave me insight.
You spoke.

I wonder how many times I miss what you're saying because I'm so sure that I'm right?
Instead of seeking wisdom and perspective,
I look for someone to agree with me.
I seek validation.
I seek vindication.
I see a mess even though you've drawn a clear path to knowing you better.

I am so proud.
I wonder at your willingness to forgive and direct me.
Thank you.
I am awed by your mercy and grace,
as well as your forgiveness
and your continued pursuit to use me.

Every time I learn something new about myself,
I learn something new about you.

I adore you.
In Jesus' humb…

Thank you for the break

Oh, Lord,

I'm taking off for two days.
I don't want to take off from you.
I want to lean into your Spirit,
enjoy your world,
fellowship with your daughters.

I feel my heart settling down in happy silence
and peacefulness.

Thank you for creating a beautiful world for me to enjoy.
Thank you for friends.
Thank you for mental and emotional breaks.

Refresh me.
You are my majestic mountaintop,
my vast ocean,
my fragrant garden,
my lush meadow,
my quiet forest,
my rushing river.

You are in everything
and you sustain everything,
including me.

I praise you
and thank you.

"He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul."
--Psalm 23:3

Forgive me for not trusting You

Dear Lord,

Please forgive me.
I'm having control issues.
(You already know this.)

They come from trust issues.
(You know that, too.)

I believe that I trust you.
But then I find myself stressing
and worrying
and wondering
how you're going to make everything work,
as if that's in question.

You know how I secretly pray for trust--
I pray for trust,
and I wait to praise you after you make everything all right.
That's not faith.
It's not trust.

Oh, Lord,
I need your strength.
I am too weak,
too self-absorbed,
too afraid.
I want to trust you completely.

I confess my faithlessness to you.
You are the answer.
I know that.
You know my past, present, and future.
You aren't upset with me,
disappointed with me,
or frustrated with me.
You're not worried about what I will do
or not do,
what I believe or don't believe.

You know that I am dust,
and yet I'm also a masterpiece,
according to you.

I don't understand it.
Or you.
But I trust you.
I really want to tru…

Strengthen my inner self

A prayer from Ephesians 3:16-21.


Be a banner over me and guide me in the truth about your love.
Help me not doubt it or doubt you.

Strengthen me with power through your Spirit in my inner being--
breathe life and resolve into my gut and my heart and my mind.
Increase my faith in you.
You have never failed me, and you never will.
I praise you for your infinite love and care.

Strengthen my roots.
Establish my thoughts and emotions in the strength of your love.
Together, with your people, pour out your power on me.
With this power and with the fellowship of believers,
help me to grasp how wide
and long
and high
and deep
is the love of Christ.

Oh, your love is inexplicable!
It surpasses knowledge.
Why do I try to understand, contain it, market it?
Your love abounds as I give it more space in my life.

Fill me up with the fullness of God!
Overflow and overwhelm me with your love!

You will do more than I can ask or imagine.
I can't begin to drea…

How to pray for revenge (I mean vengeance and justice)

Onmipotent God,

I'm asking you to make things better--a little fairer--
Not for myself,
but for some people I care about.
In my flesh, I want revenge.
In my spirit, I want your righteousness.

People I love got a bum deal,
an unlucky break.
A gross injustice.
They've been sinned against.

I guess you know what that feels like.

I know life's not fair.
I know we are called to suffer for the kingdom.
But I also know you are a God of justice
and you will produce justice and righteousness
in the world
because that's what you always do.
It's how you reveal yourself to all of us--
a God of power, authority, holiness, and love.
You make things right.
Then you bring joy and peace.

Proverbs 21:15 "When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous
but terror to evildoers."

You are also a God of vengeance.
So when someone hurts, offends, or traumatizes
people I love--
people you love who are following you--
I don't mind asking for a little vindication and vengeanc…

You care about the details

Oh, Lord,

Thank you for the sun.

Thank you for crisp air, new grass, sprouting flowers, and chirping birds.

I give thanks to you, Lord, for your unfailing love and your wonderful deeds!

I so appreciate the beauty of creation,
but perhaps more than that--
I am grateful that every little detail of nature and body remind me that you care about me.

I give thanks to you, Lord, for your unfailing love and your wonderful deeds!

You care when I'm sad,

You care when I'm elated,

All the minutia of my life and my world are not lost on you.
They are a million little details that you created because
you care that much.
You have that much energy and ability
as to be unrestrained by time and creativity.
You care so much,
you keep designing, giving, and blessing
with both big and little things.

I give thanks to you, Lord, for your unfailing love and your wonderful deeds!

You continue creating
for me
and for the whole world.

I am compel…

It's not too late

Oh, Lord,

How is this possible?

You whisper to me--to each of us--
"It's not too late."

It's not too late--

to control my temper,
to ask forgiveness,
to give grace,
to start over,
to believe,
to ask the question,
to attempt something new,
to have courage,
to change a habit,
to tell the truth.

It's not too late-- 

to correct a wrong,
to confess sin,
to have compassion,
to make a difference.

It's not too late--

to be a friend,
to hope for healing,
to find love,
to give love,
to breathe and live and enjoy.

You are a God of new things,
new ideas, and
new creation.
You are a savior of souls,
even the most wretched of us.

You are a God of 
and hundredth

Your mercies are new every morning.
Great is your faithfulness! (Lamentations 3:22-24)

I submit to you.
I want your change.
Give me courage to begin again.
Let me reflect your image,
oh holy, righteous, and gracious God!

In Jesus' name,

"See, I am doing a newthing! Now it springs up; do you not …

Thank you for friendships

Dear Lord,

Thank you for friends. Thank you for the blessing of community and connection, for designing us to respond to one another's pain and joy.
I'm so grateful.
I don't know how I would be able to survive 
if I couldn't process, vent, and pray with friends.

Mold me into a loving and patient friend.
Help me to see what you see in everyone,
but particularly in those close to me.
Particularly when they hurt me
or misunderstand me.
Help me to be a real friend, not a social friend.
I want to be responsible for my friendships.

Bless them and use them.
May they follow you whole-heartedly.
May our friendship accurately represent the kingdom of God.

I want to be sacrificial,

I want to carry the Holy Spirit into every encounter.
I love you.
Thank you for befriending me
and for surrounding me with people who love you.

In Jesus' name,

"My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.Greater love has no one than this: to la…

Forgive me for feeling sorry for myself

Lord Jesus,

Please forgive me for feeling sorry for myself.
You are great.
You are powerful.
You are enough.

Thank you for your grace and mercy towards me.
And help me to love difficult people
and remember that I am also one of them.

In Jesus' name, 

"And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.” (Mark 11:25)

It's not fair

Okay, Lord,

It's not fair.

I've helped, 
given mercy,
reached out,
lovingly confronted,

and what do I receive?


It's not fair.

No, it's not.
Is this what suffering is?
Is this what you warned me about--
what you said it would happen?

I just didn't expect it from Christians.
From church people.
From friends.
From people who smile at me and shake my hand
and whisper about me when I'm not around.

Yes, it happened to Job.
It happened to Moses.
It happened to David.
It happened to you.

Okay, I see why it happens to me.

Friends and family will turn against someone 
who stands for justice, mercy, purpose, and righteousness.
Someone who gives grace will get criticism back.
Someone who listens to the venom of his critics will still need to smile and walk aw…

Fall on my city to bring peace and justice

God Jehovah, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ,

Fall on my city and my country.

Cover our capital like a heavy blanket with your presence,
with an aura of peace and brotherhood.
Whisper into hallways and alleys
that peace, love, mercy, and diversity
reflect who you are and who you made each of us to be.

Convict the haters that they live in opposition to you, regardless of their political and religious attachments.
They do not represent you,
and they tarnish the cause of Christ
and the essence of the gospel.

Remind Christ-followers everywhere
that they are responsible to be the light--
not a political light, but a spiritual light.
You do not need politicians or policies to advance your kingdom.
You need believers full of love and mercy.

Your kingdom is not of this world.

You are about releasing people from spiritual darkness
and physical affliction and emotional enslavement.

You came to bandage the brokenhearted,
give release for prisoners,
give sight to the blind,
family for the orphan and…

A prayer for trust, peace, and mindfulness

I read this passage this morning. It's startling and challenging, and it compelled me to pray.

Isaiah 26:3-4--"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal."

Lord God of Heaven,

I want peace from stress and anxiety.
I want direction for my energy,
creativity in my calling,
success in my life.

You call me to steadfastness:
to lean fast,
support myself,
stand firm,
my conception, imagination, purpose, mindfulness.

I cannot trust your will without becoming steadfast in what you've already imparted to me.

That's how I learn to trust you.
Not by getting you to rubber-stamp what I'm doing
or what I want to do.
Trust comes from watching you be God in my life,
not by being god of my own life.

Trust is
It's a decision I make,
not a promise You make.

I want peace in my soul, spirit, and body.
In my life
every day.


A funny and serious prayer about sickness

Okay, Lord,

I'm sick.
You know that.
I've had this virus for 5 days now,
and I'm just coming to you to pray about it.

Perhaps you've heard me groaning at night,
gasping for air,
struggling to sleep.

I honestly haven't thought about praying over this bug.
I'm just taking my cold medicine and letting it run its course.
Seems silly to pray, yet silly not to.

Lord, please heal me.
Heal my soul.
Heal my body.
I'm sick, and I don't take it seriously.

My heart is craving selfishness,
yet I believe myself a good person.
My mind is critical and complaining,
yet I consider myself thankful.
My body yearns for a life of pleasure,
yet I claim to be satisfied with you.

I'm not satisfied.
I'm broken.
I'm sick.
And at the moment, I'm incredibly stuffy and achey.

What do you want me to learn about you today?
How would you like to use me
(other than bolstering the tissue industry)?
Would you please heal me?
I have work to do.
What you would have me do?

Forgiveness for my enemies


Help me to give grace,
to be patient,
to be forgiving,
to be full of mercy and understanding.

I do not want to be entitled,
or defeated.

I want to be like you.
But that's incredibly difficult.
Please help me love even those who hurt me.

In Jesus' name,

“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.(Matthew 5:43-48)