Teach us to love like you

Lord, God of love and justice,

Teach us to love like you,
and not hate in the way that comes naturally.
Not to hold grudges.
Not to act in violence.
Not to assume the worst.
Not to secretly rejoice when an enemy stumbles.
Not to have enemies.

Teach us to hate sin
and love the sinner.
We are sinners.
Each of us, is no better than another in God's eyes.
God does not love any of us more than any other,
so why should we?

Teach our leaders to love--
our governors, mayors, judges, prosecutors, and lawmakers
to govern from a place of love and righteousness,
not power, privilege, or prejudice.

By this will all men know that we are your disciples,
if we have love one for another.
We don't get to choose who to love.
That's not loving like you
because you chose all of us.
But you left the decision up to us.

Heal our land through love.
Love is justice.
Love is collective responsibility.
Love is mercy and grace and accountability.
Love is being willing to give up unjust systems
and rea…

I'm never going back: a prayer of determination

We all struggle to follow God consistently. We all return to our nasty habits and warped way of thinking. Keep struggling--keep fighting for truth to become the loudest voice in your head.

Read the prayer below of confession and dedication. Click on the 8 prayers embedded in this one to find more encouragement to help you make the continual decision to follow God and reject your selfish nature. There is victory in Jesus! We have to stop making excuses about why we don't follow God completely or why we revise what he tells us to do (so that it fits with our lifestyle). Joy and contentment are found only in a pure relationship with God.


It's me again.
I'm struggling.

You see me every time I go back to the things I've left behind,
when I give in to my sinful habits,
my selfish thinking,
my comfortable natural inclinations
my all-out rebellion.

I don't want to keep going back to that life,
that endless pursuit of happiness
that never feels satisfied.
I want to be…

Memorial Day prayer of thanksgiving & protection

Lord of heaven and earth,

We love you.  Thank you for your unparalleled grace on us as a nation  by giving us the freedom to pursue you and your calling to serve and worship you.  We enjoy the blessings of abundance and opportunity  because servicemen and women and their families  have sacrificed comfort, protection and their lives to provide us with freedom.  Lord, pour out your comfort and blessing on our armed forces and their families.  Stave off the loneliness.  Protect them from dangers, within and without.  Fill them with your mission and purpose.  May the Holy Spirit fill our bases, our ships, and our aircraft.  Bring revival and comfort to these who give and suffer loss.  Thank you for your provision for us who enjoy America.  May we take advantage of all that you have supplied for us.
In Jesus' name, Amen.
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Prayer for waiting

I'm in a surgery waiting room for the next 4 hours until my son's procedure is finished.
This reminds me how hard it is to wait, to not control the outcome of something.
Waiting is life, isn't it?
We're aways waiting for things we want and waiting for things we don't want to be resolved.
Waiting for them to be over.

Here's a prayer for those long hours you spend waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen...
or something to stop happening:

Oh, Lord,

I wait on you like I wait for the morning after a long night.
I wait on you like a mother anticipating her baby's birth.
I wait on you like a patient awaiting a diagnosis.
I wait on you like a soldier who needs reinforcements.
I wait on you like newlyweds on their first week apart.

You have everything I need and everything I want.

Help me to be patient while I wait.
Help me to be faith-filled while I wait.
Transform me into your image because I believe that you will meet my needs,
but my heart…

Praying Psalm 66 when life gets fiery

I'd like to share a prayer of praise formed from Psalm 66.
It seems pertinent in helping assuage our fear over the global implications during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Praise our God,
people of the world!

Let the sound of our praise be heard by everyone.
He has preserved our lives
and kept us from going under forever.
Yes, He is testing us--
God is refining us like silver in the fire,
drawing our insecurities, fears, and faithlessness to the surface,
not to kill us or harm us,
but to perfect us--
to make us completely pure.

He has brought us into the prisons of this world,
giving us burdens to bear and offenses to carry.
Why would God do this, if He loves us?

Here's why:
He leads us through fire and water,
through the deserts and wilderness of our spiritual journeys
to lead us into a place of abundance.
He brings us into the open spaces of freedom.
Without the fire, we would never recognize the gift of choice, love, and abundance.

Lord, I will come to your feet and worship Y…

A Psalm for anxiety

Have you ever woken up feeling anxious and unsettled?
Do a few dozen responsibilities and concerns fight against one another in your brain?
Feeling nausea or fear in the pit of your stomach?
Are you ever overwhelmed by the sense of defeat and failure when you haven't failed at something?

Hello, Anxiety.

You're a tough one to beat.

When I'm struggling with anxiety, I like to read Psalm 13 and Psalm 31. Several other Psalms speak to fear, oppression, and grief--which can feel similar to anxiety--but these two seem to zero in on the cloak-and-dagger enemy that is anxiety: our own minds and emotions.

Here's a prayer from Psalm 31:

Oh, Lord,

You are the Comforter and the Healer.
I need your power in my life.
I feel a lot of anxiety and pressure right now.

I honestly can't tell how much is true pressure,
real deadlines,
or just my own unrealistic expectations.
I am pressuring myself,
attempting to either control, direct, or manage
everything I care about.

I need you to manage me.

Take away…

Confession of racism in the U.S. & a prayer for Arbery's justice

Maybe you ran 2.23 miles Friday in honor of runner Ahmaud Arbery, who was chased down and shot to death by Gregory and Travis McMichael on Feb. 23, 2020. Ahmaud would have been 26 Saturday, May 8.

Four months after the shooting, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has decided to arrest the son and father vigilantes. But will Georgia justly prosecute this travesty of racism, racial profiling, aggravated assault, and murder?

As believers, we can and should pray for at least two things regarding this tragic situation:
1. confession of the racism in our country
2. requesting justice for the Arbery family and other non-white citizens who undergo similar persecution in "the land of the free"

Why should we confess something if we had nothing to do with it?
Answer: the same reason that Moses confessed the sins of Israel, even though he didn't commit them. Moses prayed to stop God's heavy hand of judgment, which was poised to annihilate the Israelites. Moses' faithfulness…