Walk through the fire with me

Listen to this amazing song by Tauren Wells, "Famous For." Let these powerful words sink in. They will encourage you to trust God in any circumstance.
Now pray a prayer of confident faith in a God who has a history of doing miraculous things because it glorifies HIS name, not because it makes our lives easier. I think we get that motivation confused sometimes.Fame does sit well on us. We weren't built for it.But God was. Glory is meant for Him, and everything He does brings glory to His name.
Oh, God,You are miraculous. You always love us. Your works are mighty and they display your power and majesty.Why am I so worried about ordinary things?All I need to do is look at all the incredible acts you've done. You rescue.You sustain.You redeem.You justify.You rectify.You wait.You love.You forgive.You change governments and protect armies and remember orphans and heal diseases and comfort the brokenhearted.You walk through fire with me. You call me out across the raging wate…

Praying for the kingdom of heaven in my life

Dear Lord Jesus,

You talked a lot about the kingdom of heaven. That term seems a little mysterious. I guess your listeners didn't understand it either because you explained it over and over.I'm asking your Holy Spirit to help me understand it. I'm praying for the kingdom of heaven in my life.Help me to sow good habits into my life so I can grow (Matt. 13:24)Make me like a mustard seed, small and humble, but fruitful. May my life grow to be a shade tree for everyone else (Matt. 13:33)Help me seek your kingdom because it is a great treasure. Make me brave enough to give up everything for it (Matt. 13:44)Give me perspective to live with a kingdom mindset--to see your gospel as a pearl of great price (Matt. 13:45)May my life be like a welcoming household, filled with treasures (Matt. 13:52)Give me your power, to bind evil in your name (Matt. 16:19)Make me humble, teachable, and joyful like a child (Matt. 18:4)Build into me responsibility, stewardship, and earnestness to utilize…

20 prayers about guarding your words

Oh, Lord,I don't have the words for what I'm feeling right now. Or what I should say. Or if I should say anything at all.Words are tricky. They tend to pop out. Help me to pray YOUR words about MY words:
Make the words of my mouth pleasing and acceptable to you. (Psalm 19:14)Give me gracious words, sweet like honeycomb and healing to the bones. (Proverbs 16:24)May my mouth speak wisdom and my heart be filled with understanding. (Psalm 49:3)Purify my words like silver, burn off the dross in your crucible. (Psalm 12:6)Whenever I open my mouth, give me the faith to speak the gospel fearlessly, as I should. (Ephesians 6:19)Help my speech to be as beautiful and valuable as apples of gold in pictures of silver. (Proverbs 25:11)Your words are true and faithful. They will prove to be true. May I speak them! (Psalm 33:4)I want to take hold of your words, obey your commands, and live! (Proverbs 4:4)Lord, may all of my words be just. Keep me from speaking perverse words! (Proverbs 8:8)Kee…

7 Pick-me-up prayers

Speak each of these verses as a prayer to the Lord to get you through your day today. Each statement is a promise from God that He will fulfill his will in you because of who He is, not because of who you are. You just need to believe his promises. Remember God's mighty works in the past and choose to believe that he will continue to be the God he's always been.
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. (2 Cor. 3:17)Lord, give me your Spirit, which makes me free from sin and death. Help me not to misconstrue freedom with the world's definition. I am free in you, and therefore, I am your obedient and submissive servant. You don't owe me anything. Amen.I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (Phil. 4:13)Lord, I am overwhelmed with how hard life it. Give me the strength and power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I am challenged to do your will and your mission, not my own. I can't possibly see how your plans for me will play out in eternity. Hel…

How to pray for your pastors and the Church as a whole

Lord Jesus,You have called many people I know into a holy and difficult calling: pastoring.They step into battle week after week against spiritual and physical enemies.They are called by you to lead my local church, which is part of the global church.I pray you will protect and nourish my pastors' souls and spirits today.I pray for their vision, clarity, compassion, and endurance.I pray a hedge around their families and their emotions; be a rear guard against anyone how wants to attack them and to go before them into battle.Because we are in a battle, all of us. But you have placed some special people on the front lines, and they are probably getting tired of it. Church is hard for everybody. I wonder why that is?I guess because we're all human. We're selfish, and we ruin every blessing that God gives us.I pray for my church, and I pray for my pastors. I especially ask you to protect them against attacks from believers because that discourages ministers more than anything …

Teach me to grieve (for myself and others)

Oh, Lord, 
You are the God of comfort.Teach me to grieve. It makes me uncomfortable, but it's so necessary for healing and perspective.Help me to trust your love and care enough to lean into pain and trauma andthe wild uncertainty of hard times,of personal and collective crisis.
You are a God of compassion.Teach me to grieve for others.give me perspective and empathy and sincerity that other people's experiences are differentand just as traumatic and difficult than my own.Maybe even more!I want to be kind and willing to sit with them in their pain without passing judgment, assuming I have the answers,or teaching them how to feel or act in their pain.
You are a God of forgiveness.Teach me to be forgiving when I feel that someone has wronged me, misunderstood me, or hurt me.You give us chances, over and over--a thousand million chances to change,to repent,to revive,to follow.Help me repent of my own sin and refuse to be the judge and jury for everyone else.I don't want to comp…

Praying about good news in us and through us

Oh, Lord,

There's not a lot of good news flying around these days.
Not a lot to make us joyful or optimistic.
Not a lot that is attracting the world to the church.

In fact, our news--and our handling of the news--
is probably pushing people away.
If we're going to bite and devour one another,
who wants that kind of religion?
What a terrible misrepresentation of who God is.

God, I'm asking you to change us.
Change me more every day.
I want my life, my words, and my testimony to spread good news about
God's love, Jesus' death, and the Church Jesus started.

And so I pray Colossians 1:3-6 over all of us:

Each time we pray for you, we thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We have heard of your faith in Christ and of your love for all God's people,
because what you hope for [not political victory] is kept safe for you in heaven.
You first heard about this hope when you believed the true message, which is the good news.
The good news is spreading all over the worl…