Only You

I wake up thinking about myself:
what will I do today?
who will I see?
how will I succeed?

God is waiting for me to come to my senses,
to see that nothing can be attained without his help,
nothing can be enjoyed without his blessing,
nothing can be endured without his support.

I figure it out, eventually.
Sometime during the day, when I've gotten behind,
I've given up,
I've broken down,
then I remember.

It's all about him. It was always about him.
He made it all about me when he died for me on the cross,
but even that was about his glory,
about showing his love to a world that didn't get it, either,
a world that wakes up thinking about themselves,
trying hard to achieve, to succeed, and to belong.

If only I had looked to him sooner
and beheld him as he really is--
I would be overcome by his achievement, his success, his belonging.
No more "what will I do? who will I see? how will I succeed?"
No more.

Just him.
Awesome in power and love and patience.
Only you matter, Jesus.

My morning worries have vanished.
I can't remember them now.
Only you.

Ps. 66:5 "Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man's behalf!"


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