10 Prayer Books Every Regular Person Should Read

Why read a book about prayer? Do regular people read books on prayer without falling asleep?

I'm guessing prayers like "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" and "God is Great, God is Good" won't be able to sustain your prayer needs for the duration of your life. These rote prayers don't have the juice to carry you through sickness, grief, indecision, and worry. Okay, add in "The Lord's Prayer." Now you're making progress. After all, Jesus wrote that one. But are these prayers enough?

Although 85% of Americans pray daily, only 20% feel that prayer is an intimate, satisfying experience. Maybe we just need to know a little more about how to pray and why.

Over 100,000 titles on prayer are in publication today. If you, as a regular person, read just one good prayer book every year from age 30 to 70, that would only be 40 books on prayer. Just scratching the surface, and yet that's a tall order for most regular people who just want to get their prayers answered. Could you read 10 books (1 every 4 years)? What if they were books that you didn't need a seminary degree to understand the principles and apply them to your life?

These 10 books could radically change your praying--which, if you believe in the power of prayer, means that they will radically change your life. These are my favorites, and I'll tell you why:

Prayer--Does It Make Any Difference? by Philip Yancey--profound and challenging to your faith and theology of God by addressing common misconceptions and concerns about life's hardships

Becoming a Prayer Warrior by Elizabeth Alves--practical, how-to advice for those new to prayer and some new tips and routines for those whose prayers have gotten mundane

Confessions by St. Augustine--an honest and revealing approach to considering what keeps me from knowing God and praying effectively

Praying God's Word by Beth Moore--tackles common spiritual strongholds (like depression or anger) and teaches you to pray Scripture over your area of need

Prayer: Experiencing the Awe and Intimacy of God by Timothy Keller--excellent appeal to the purpose for prayer--intimacy with God

Too Busy Not to Pray by Bill Hybels--practical, interesting, and convicting plea for disciplining yourself to pray, with stories of prayer at work

The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life by Bruce Wilkerson--small, concise, but powerful truths about learning to believe that God will answer your prayers

The Red Letter Prayer Life by Bob Hostetler--funny, honest, and practical advice for praying Jesus' words over your life

Prayer by Richard Foster--deep and insightful, yet practical and basic in establishing the purpose and power of prayer

The Way of the Heart by Henri Nouwen (or Out of Solitude--really, anything by Nouwen!)--both are a sincere and contemplative approach to hearing from God and responding to His voice

Regardless of my prayer journey, you can have your own! Just order a prayer book and get reading. God will surely respond to your prayers! Click on the Amazon link below to find the newest books on prayer or search for the ones pictured above.



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