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Praying through the heaviness

Lord, my heart is heavy. A rock sits on my shoulders, a weight presses against my chest. But you already know that. You feel it with me, the pressure of success, the fear of failure, pain, and loss. But I choose to trust in your will and your way--at least, I'm trying to trust you! Carry me through this time of heaviness. Lift my arms. Support me in the strong circle of your embrace. Maybe you could even carry my burdens for me--just a few steps--as I realign myself to follow you. I know you'll protect and provide. Help me to trust your process, because it will not feel trustworthy. I love you, Lord. I believe you, and I praise your goodness! In Jesus' name, Amen.

A Poem for the Battle

Dear Yaweh Nissi, the Lord my Banner , Wave above me in the fray, This, your fight, is why You came; Holiness defends Your name. I await the victory day When all people will proclaim, The Lord reigns, He cannot flee. The Lord sustains, He won't forsake. The Lord forgives and peace He makes. The Lord gives hope, He won't despair. The Lord will triumph for my sake. Lord, go with me in the fray, You, Almighty, Elohim, Doom advances, hope grows dim; Faith alone will help me say, Victory comes through rest in Him. Holy Spirit, Father, Christ, who made the world, who paid the price, who give me strength, and calm my heart, who know my fears in hidden parts-- Lift my arms. Stretch my view! May I find all strength in You! Give me friends who hold me up I believe You fill my cup with blessings, impact, suffering-- I will fight for Jesus' sake. It's your battle, it's your war, It's your victory, and so much more. Throughout history an

A Prayer for my Church in the New Year

He has given us a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see what he has done and be amazed. They will put their trust in the Lord. --from Psalm 40:3 Give us miraculous vision and fill us with courage to implement it. Make us radiant with your love yet make us transparent in our weaknesses. Enlarge our territory in this world yet keep us humble about our own contribution. Give us an eternal and earthly legacy that leads only back to You. Amen. image from

New Year's Prayer

Dear Lord God, Forgive me for my selfishness this year, for my pre-occupation with myself. Thank you for your patience and love in redirecting my heart towards you.  Your generosity astounds me. You have given me another year to praise you--another year to enjoy my family and my health--another year to serve you.  Thank you for your long-suffering spirit, because I know I have not served well.  Thank you for my family and friends--I am blessed beyond measure.  Please give me perspective to see the work you have for me this coming year and the courage to do it. Give me the humility to ask for help and the faith to believe that you can use me.  Open my eyes to see where you are working so I may join you and broaden my influence so others can find you through me.  Stir in me a spiritual awakening so that I will know you on a deeper level than I ever have before.  Protect and empower me through the work of the Holy Spirit. I am yours.  I love you. In Jesus' name, Amen.