Praying Psalm 40

Lord, God,
Help me to wait patiently for your words,
for your moving of the Holy Spirit,
for your prompting and prodding of me toward the work you have for me,
even if that work is corrective. Convicting.
Give me patience and faith not to move forward in my own strength,
not to make an idol of my own wisdom or abilities.
I need you. I know I do. Give me the humility to remember that.
I recount the wonders you have done already--
You have nothing to prove to me.
Your grace is sufficient.
Help me to bask in your presence and your provision.
Here I am.
I have come.
I desire to do your will, regardless of the personal cost.
Do not withhold your mercy from me.
May your love and your truth protect my mind and my heart.
I am yours.

taken from Psalm 40


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