Your Vantage Point

Lord Jehovah,

You are powerful enough to calm the hurtful memories that haunt me.

You are peaceful enough to teach me calm when I feel overwhelmed by fear.

You are gracious enough to replace pain with joy, bit by bit, so that I learn to trust Your hand on my life.

You are loving enough to overlook my shortcomings, yet at the same time, bring gentle correction where I need it.

You are God enough to know all things, provide all things, and deliver all people--yet You were man enough to taste anguish; to live in our narrow, stress-filled world; to welcome our weak platitudes; to endure the confines of humanity.

You can do anything. Your vantage point exceeds all others.

Why do You even bother with me?

I can't figure it out.

But I thank you!

I love you, in my weak, human little way.



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