Praying the "Turnaround Prayer"

Today has been especially hard for me, for no particular reason except that I'm grieving, and today I'm grumpy and unsettled about it.

I am not a perky Christian right now. I feel dried up. Parched like a wind-swept desert, I am unable to quench the emptiness of my heart. My faith is strong enough not to rage at God or question His sovereignty; I'm just unhappy, lost even. How selfish that sounds! 
After a sad, scrolling-through of social media posts, I ran across my friend Bob Hostetler's blog on Guideposts, dated yesterday, Sept. 20, 2016. I appreciate his perspective on praying through hard times. Here is an excerpt from his blog "Pray for Blessings from Disappointments"--

"Most of us, when misfortune occurs, pray for relief or deliverance. That is natural, and it’s a good way to pray. 
After all, the psalmist David prayed, “Please, God, rescue me! Come quickly, Lord, and help me” (Psalm 70:1, NLT). And “Please, Lord, rescue me! Come quickly, Lord, and help me” (Psalm 40:13, NLT). . . 
I pray those kinds of prayers a lot. But sometimes I have the presence of mind—and the faith—to pray differently. 
I may start with prayers like those, but I continue in my praying to say something like, “God, turn this whole situation around. Where there is now confusion, bring understanding. Where now there is only pain and suffering, turn it into an occasion for amazement and joy and bring glory to Your name!” . . .
'Turnaround' prayers do more than ask God to fix something, they ask Him to turn a situation on its head and bring beauty from ashes, blessing from disappointment, glory from gloom. 
So try it. Don’t just ask God to heal you, ask Him to turn your affliction around and make it an occasion for rejoicing. Don’t simply request relief, ask for a 180-degree reversal of the situation, one that will bring glory to God. . . .
Pray 'turnaround prayers' and see if your faith and God’s faithfulness combine to do something special in answer to your prayers."

You can read Bob's prayer blog in its entirety (or any of his previous blogs on Guideposts) by clicking on this address:


  1. my name is Douglas Peter, i am a devoted christian but some how i cant tell what happen on of a sudden i lost everything. right now i dont have a roof over me, everyone i turn to suddenly hate me. am accuse wrongly for things i dont know of, my life has become a laughing stock but my faith is alive for i know my God will sent me help. He is the strength to the weak. please pray with me and for me. what ever help you can offer in the name of Christ Jesus. you will never be put to a brother in need. God bless you richly.

    Douglas Peter

    1. God will provide every need in your life we declare and decree that you have more than what you’ve lost. God work your miracles right now in Jesus name. God place your Devine favor over his life right now in the name of Jesus. Faith come into his life right now in the name of Jesus. God cover him with your blessings right now. God we ask you for a turnaround in the name of Jesus. Mountains move right now blessings upon this young man in Jesus name I pray amen.

  2. Dear Douglas (or is it Peter)--thank you so much for writing. I'm sorry I just noticed your comment. Let me first say, that you are loved and cherished by God, and God is doing a powerful work in your life. I don't know what's happened to you, but you are not a laughingstock. That's what the devil would have you believe so you give up. Don't do it. Whatever is happening in your life, God wants to grow you into a stronger, more faithful believer. God turns ashes into beauty. He raises the dead to life. He surrounds us with an angel army when we are besieged and discouraged. He's got you. Just submerge yourself in Scripture (I recommend starting in Psalms). I'm sending this message to your email also to make sure you get it. I pray for God's love, grace, forgiveness, protection, conviction, power and impact on your life in Jesus' holy name! Keep in touch. Blessings!


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