Seeking Jesus in a Christmas Prayer

Lord Jesus, Emmanuel, Prince of Peace--

Let me not overlook you during the Christmas season
or tag you on to my festivities, like a novelty or a dessert.

You are Peace. You are Life. You are Lord.
Help me, in my selfishness and weakness, to seek you.

I want to seek you like Joseph, who gave up his dignity.
I want to seek you like Mary, who gave up her security
I want to seek you like the shepherds, who gave up their identity.
I want to seek you like the wisemen, who gave up their wealth.
I want to see you like Anna, who gave up her time.

I want to seek you at Christmas and every day.
Reveal yourself to me anew,
and help me to see you for who you really are
and see myself for what I really am.

Lost. Desperate. Dependent.
And so incredibly blessed.

Thank you for your love and sacrifice.
I live in joy because of Christmas.



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