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A prayer for Earth Day

Lord, Creator of the Earth, It's Earth Day. Lord, help us to protect and care for your earth, because that's the job you gave mankind to do. May our care for Earth point us toward you! Lord, may the whole earth see you today in your sunrise and sunset, in the flowers and trees, in the animal kingdom, in the fury of storms and the radiance of daylight. Lord, may each of us display grace, mercy, kindness, and love because that's who you are and we are made in your image. May the whole earth sing your praises and revel in your majesty. The earth is yours, and we all belong to you. I pray your Spirit over the earth. Lord, bring souls to yourself today because they see you everywhere they look. Help me reflect your glory and goodness today. May I not despair, worry, or panic because the earth is filled with violence and abuse. You are moving rulers and changing nations. You will bring all glory to yourself. I trust you, and I worship you! Amen.

Thanksgiving for the Cross

This is a poetic prayer about how the crucifixion affects my life. Dear Jesus-- Because of the cross, you understand pain; you can erase suffering-- your healing I'll gain. Because of the cross, you can understand sin; your gift of forgiveness will grant peace within. Because of the cross, you drew your last breath; in becoming mortal, you freed us from death. Because of the cross, my debt has been paid; no longer I'm guilty a daughter you've made. Because of the cross, I have access to you; you hear all my prayers, you make dreams come true. Because of the cross, I will live saved and free; no longer I'll struggle with whom I should be. Because of the cross, I'm changed every day; I live life with purpose, for you've shown me the way. Amen image by Suzy Dubot

A prayer against shame

Dear Holy God, You feel the ache I'm feeling. You know the weight and sorrow of sin, even another person's sin, especially when it affects me. Shame rolls in like a tidal wave, wave after wave, hitting the shores of my soul. I want to cower and cover up my sins and the sins of the people I love. I chafe under conviction (the very thing that seeks to release me)-- while I protect my shame (the very thing that keeps me in bondage). Oh, Father, give me the courage to welcome conviction for my sin and the tenacity to fight the shame. Your Spirit convicts, but Your enemy shames, because he knows that shame will make me hide in the shadows, hide from the body of Christ, and hide from You. Lord, make us freedom-seekers! Give us the desire to live freely in Your convicting presence, in the holy of holies, where our souls are laid bare before You. Help us confess our faults to one another and pray for one another so that we will be healed! There is no

A prayer for my teenager

Dear Lord, Please surround my teenager with your presence today. Walk with him, sit by him, whisper to him when he's alone. Give him ears to hear you and a voice that praises you. May the knowledge he has of you seep into his daily living. Guide his thoughts, channel his emotions, temper his actions so that wherever he is and whatever he does, he brings you glory. Even when he strays, doubts, or disbelieves, stand close to him and remind him gently that you are his father, his savior, his everything. Forgive him for his many sins and restore him to you. Guard his heart and soul. Defend his mind. Bring him friends and mentors to reflect your love and grace, your mission and passion-- people who will influence him to grow, to reach his world, and to live in relationship with you. I pray the blood of Jesus over him and the power of the Holy Spirit upon him. Remember that you gave him to me, and I gave him back. He's yours. I want you to have him because yo

10 reasons you should fast and pray

Here are 10 reasons you should fast and pray: 1. Jesus fasted (Mtt. 4:2). 2. Fasting accompanies fervent prayer (Ezra 8:23, Dan. 9:2-4) 3. The early church fasted before making decisions (Acts 13:1-2). 4. Jesus taught his disciples how to fast (Mtt. 6:16-18). 5. Jesus said his disciples would fast in his absence (Mk. 2:18-20). 6. Fasting accompanies worship (Lk. 2:37). 7. Fasting puts you in an attitude of repentance (1 Sam. 7:6, Neh. 9:1-3) 8. Fasting reminds you that nothing is an important as hearing from God (Jer. 36:6-9). 9. Fasting increases patience, which is a necessary part of praying (Psalm 35). 10. Fasting facilitates grief and wisdom in your response (Neh. 1:4) Dear Lord Jehovah, I am in awe of you. I confess my many sins, and I bring to you the sins of my loved ones and ask for your mercy on their behalf. Move in me, and move in them. Let your spirit pour over us and drown us with your presence. Lead us in your will and give us the courage to obey your call