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Praying for Angels to Surround my Kids

Lord of Heaven, You have angels at your disposal, worshipping You, defending Your holiness, protecting us, Your children. You are great and mighty in power and full of love and mercy. I ask You to send more angels to surround my kids today. Minister to them-- encourage them, guard them, defend them against the onslaught of the evil one. Wage war over them because You created them to be filled with power and authority in Jesus' name. You intend for them to silence evil, withstand persecution, and glorify You. May my kids honor and please You today with their thoughts, actions, and motivations. May they be pure in heart and mind. May they function as You intended, surrounded by heavenly hosts with swords drawn and voices like thunder. In the power of the Holy Spirit, my kids will slay spiritual giants and conquer enemy territory. I believe it in the name of Jesus, the King of all Kings. Thank You for Your angels. I call on them in Jesus' holy name--

A Mother's Cry

Dear Lord Jesus, When you lived on earth, you pined for your children-- you said you longed to protect the ones you loved, gathering them like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. So you must know how I feel about my children. I feel desperate for them all the time, but especially when we are separated from each other. I've found that it doesn't matter how old they are. Do you feel the same way? Being separate makes me painfully aware of my insecurities as their mother. It's not so different than when they were babies, and I held their feverish bodies in the middle of the night, realizing just how desperate love had made me. I remember comprehending that I was just not equipped well enough for this monumental role-- I was not prepared to shape a life. It was then that I began realizing how terribly I needed you. I still do. Age has not lessened my inabilities or insecurities. Or my neediness. Age has, if anything, created a wiser understanding of

Prayers for the Traveler

Dear Lord God, You are everywhere, You feel everything, and You see everything. You know I'm stressed about traveling. I'm not afraid--I'm excited, and I feel so blessed. It's just that leaving work and family behind is worrisome. Sending my children to travel without me is also worrisome. The world is a worrisome place. You know that. So I place everyone I love into your care. You alone can protect us. You alone will guide and direct us. We are Your children, Your beloved, Your chosen ones. Give us Your peace and Your power as we go out into new places-- make us missionaries, gospel-bringers-- whether we vacation or serve. Grow us, refresh us, change us. Bind the enemy's hands that want to hurt us. Protect the work You are doing in and around us. Guide the hands of those who drive cars, trains, and planes; may they be alert, efficient, careful. May all the world--not just us--see Your glory everywhere we look. Grant us spiritual opportunit