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Praying for Cuba

Dear Lord of all, I can't stop thinking about Cuba. I see them in their churches, with hands raised in worship, arms thrusting the air, feet moving, bodies swaying, lost in their love for you. I see them speaking to neighbors, telling people about Jesus, the answer to everything. I see them calling down the Spirit, crying over people, ushering in your healing power. I see them being Jesus everywhere. Lord, keep them safe. Strengthen them in their love for you. Increase their resolve to reach their country for you. Protect them from complacency. May your Spirit roar over them like fire. Move through them like wind. Alight on them like a dove. Holy Spirit, descend on Cuba. Oh, Lord God, give me just a taste of their passion for You! Amen.

My confession to you

I read James 5:16 today. I think I should follow its commands. It's a good, albeit humbling, cleansing method. "Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective."  I am proud : I care what people think and want them to respect and like me. I want to think I'm better than other people at the things I value. I am petty : I worry and obsess over things that don't really matter in life. I am unforgiving:  I sometimes harbor secret resentment toward people who have wronged me. I cover it up by being nice to them, but deep down, I probably don't want them to prosper. I am selfish: I think of my own needs and desires first. Even when I serve people, I am often aware of what I'm "giving up." This is still being self-oriented. I am forgetful : I focus on the present, to the detriment of the past and all God has already done for me. I am faith