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A confession of injustice

Dear Lord God, You forgive us when we confess our sins, and you give grace when we confess the sins of our ancestors-- of our family and our city and our country. So I confess the great wickedness of our nation at oppressing the poor, marginalizing women, minorities, the elderly, and the ill, enslaving the African-Americans, red-lining poor communities, indenturing and imprisoning the uneducated and underprivileged. I confess our systemic white privilege, even as I want to believe I am not a benefactor of it. I confess our sins of racism and segregation, even as I say that I have not overtly participated in any of it. It is our heritage, and we are wrong to minimize its legacy. I confess the church's sins of politicizing moral issues, of drawing party lines through issues of compassion, grace, and mercy-- of using topics of mass incarceration, death penalty, immigration, life, and welfare to divide party lines and provide ease and security for the privileged

Holy Spirit, Give Me

Holy Spirit, Give me the faith to pray big prayers. I want to experience you working miracles, healing my emotions, transforming my mind, softening my heart, directing my destiny. Give me courage to fight for others instead of against others. I want to see you reconciling races, restoring relationships, reuniting families, bringing closure, healing wounds, saving souls. Give me the confidence to believe your timing is perfect. I want peace while believing in a future, accepting disappointment, striving for faith, enduring hardship, conquering temptation. Give me You. Amen.

It's raining

Dear Lord, Thank you for the rain and especially for not flooding my basement. Your mercies never fail. And apparently, the rain doesn't, either. But you know best. Amen.

Help me be brave

Lord, I'm facing something hard. Help me be brave. I don't want to worry about appearances or image-- I only want to reflect your love and mission for the world. That's pretty scary. It means I must live in you and outside myself. I must seek your will, trust your voice, obey your commands. Help me be brave. Bravery comes from strength. Strength comes from hardship. Hardship surfaces with opportunity and destiny. You understand hardship, and you understand me. You certainly know my destiny because you created me for it. Help me to rest in you and the courage you provide, to do anything you ask, go anywhere you call, say anything you tell me to. Amen. "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1:9)

I'm sorry I've been away

Lord, I'm sorry I've been away for awhile. I let my daily routines consume my time. I let my mind fill up with lists and stresses. I really just needed more of you. Help me to seek you first and your righteousness. You will take care of the rest. Change my devotional time to reflect new priorities. I long for your presence and for your Spirit. Come to me, indwell me, change me. I'm yours. Amen. Matthew 6:31-33

Praise for the sunshine

Praise the Lord! It's finally sunny again! What a glorious morning  with blue skies and warm sunlight! I'm truly awed by your creation and the impact it has on my life and my emotions. Thank you for the sunshine and the beauty all around me.  Nature proves your love, your provision, your creativity and ingenuity, your existence. You don't have to make flower petals so exquisite, but you do. You don't need to paint a different sunset every night, with varying hues of orange and pink and purple, but you do. You don' have to make fluffy clouds the filter the sunlight like lacy fingers across the sky, but you do. You keep doing it, every day, every year, even though the world is sinful and messy and unbelieving. Thank you. I believe in all that you say you are, and I believe you do all that you promise to do. I love you. Amen.