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A prayer for tired people

Lord, I'm tired, and it's early. I'm not sure if it's the Holy Spirit, common sense, or my mother's voice inside my head, but I'm hearing "Get more sleep." Another voice says "Take a nap," but that might be my college self crying out from the past. I'm wondering if you could sprinkle me with a little holy adrenaline? I just drank some caffeine and took my vitamins. I would go for a quick walk, but I've just eaten. I'll take my shower now. But all of that will wear off, and the tiredness will return. You know how I feel? Of course you do. You even napped in a boat--during a storm!-- which I could never do because I have motion-sickness. Okay, I'll try to go to bed early. Thanks for the conversation. Amen.

A daily prayer for your children

Dear Heavenly Father, I give you my children into your hands to protect, guide, convict, and grow. I pray over my children the words you gave the Israelites when you instructed them to impress your commands on their children's hearts. I need your help to do this well. Help me to impress on my children: to love you with all their heart, soul, and mind to carefully obey all your commands to think about you and understand you during their daily tasks and their journey through life to memorize your holy Word, so it will grow in their hearts and produce godly attitudes to fear (respect) you; to be in awe of your majesty to keep their hearts from idolizing people and things to take your authority seriously--not to test you or ridicule you or disregard you to do right and good, whether they are alone or with others to recognize your hand of blessing throughout their lives and to remember your interactions on their behalf to discern your voice and your expectations

Prayer over a child's opportunity

Dear Lord God and Holy Spirit, My child has an opportunity today-- one of those many milestones we parents feel are so important. And they are, for succeeding in this world's system and for maturing into an adult. I give him once again into your hands. You have his future in mind. You created him for this moment and for the million moments before and after today. You know how each part fits together. Thank you for the thousand times you protected him, the thousand times you comforted, encouraged, convicted. May he feel your presence around him and before him today. Give him courage to be honest about himself. Give him confidence to see what you're already doing in him and for him. Give him wisdom beyond his years. Give him optimism and boldness-- enough to propel him toward your will and enough to steer him through the trials that will come. You crafted him. You called him You saved him. And you gave him to me for a little while. Thank you for th

What to pray when you're angry

Lord, Set a watch over my mouth. Help me not to sin when I'm angry. I mean, right now. Clamp me down. You can take care of this problem if I just wait and listen and behave like Jesus would. (Wow, this is going to be hard.) Once again, help me! Amen. “'In your anger do  not   sin' : Do  not  let the sun go down while you are still  angry."  ( Eph. 4:26 )