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A prayer for your college student

Oh, Lord, My heart is heavy, and my anxiety is heightened, so my soul looks to you. Only you can help me to rest in your plans and your protection for my college student as he returns to school. I lift up my college student to you and place him into your care. Guard his mind from harmful influences, from secular reasoning and humanistic values, from fundamentalist and judgmental attitudes that create pride and harden hearts. Holy Spirit, speak daily into his heart and mind, reminding him of truth and life. When he is bombarded with secular philosophies and agendas, give him intuition and question truth to seek answers from your Word. Strengthen his courage to stand for justice and righteousness in a world gone crazy with hate and violence. Surround him with a Christian community and friend group (even one person, Lord!). Help him to make deep friendships quickly with students and teachers who will edify and encourage him, who will not degrade or deride him, but wi

A prayer for the lonely parent during the school year

Dear Father, You know how much it aches to be away from your children because you long for us. You want to talk to us all day and walk with us and eat with us. So you get how this feels to be separated from your child-- regardless of how big he (or she) is-- for an entire school year, especially for a college school year. Wow, this hurts. Such a deep, fearful ache. Help me to bear it by trusting my child with you-- he is in your care, and you can do a better job than I can. Give me a new focus here at home, another calling to help someone else and the courage to operate in a new role with my student. Give me wisdom about how much to text when to call, and how much to help. And when to stop myself. Give me the courage to give him space and let him  fail. Give me grace to help him fail without life-altering consequences-- if that's possible-- and even more grace to forgive and love when he's make a wreck of everything. Help me to celebrate suc

Thank you for rescuing my friend

Dear Father in Heaven, Thank you for working powerfully in my friend's life. You have rescued yet one more person from self-destruction and certain derailment. You showed yourself powerful, just, and loving. I never doubted you would, but I wasn't sure how you would do it. I am always amazed by your love and grace. Your timing is marvelous. You remind me that you are sovereign-- your will is perfect-- and you are not rushed by human anxiety or human deadlines. And why would you be? You are God Almighty. Thank you for that, also. Amen. Psalm 44:6 --Rise up and help us;  rescue  us because of your unfailing love.

Praying for a friend

Dear Lord, I lift up my friend to you. She's going through a rough time, making hard decisions, doubting your love, doubting herself. Angry, discouraged, and hurt by this complicated thing called life, hating the feeling of being a victim, doubting she'll ever be a champion, not feeling much like she's your daughter and your her Abba Father. Please, Holy Spirit, remind her today of who you are and what you will do. Flood over her with unexplainable peace, hope, and love. Surround, envelop, and calm her. Take her little hand in yours and give it a reassuring squeeze. You are God Almighty. You love her with an everlasting love and an eternal plan to prosper her, grow her, and protect her. Help her to feel your protection and love today through the love of your other children. Through me. Give her wisdom to cling to through the words in your Word. Open her heart and mind to trust you once again. Use me and use other people to remind her h

You make me shake my head

Oh, Lord, You astound me and make me feel grateful. When I look around my world--my house and work and family--or when I behold your natural creation of mountains and oceans and fields, I just shake my head with wonder. Wow. Thank you. Thank you for my family, my home, my church, all which sometimes frustrate me. Thank you for my freedom, which I take for granted. Thank you for life and health, which I really take for granted. Thank you for my mind, which isn't as quick as it used to be, but it's a blessing nevertheless. Thank you for the beauty of the world, for all its variety: for the marvelous expanse of nature and also for the cities and countries filled with people, who I misunderstand or don't think about at all. Thank you for your living Word, which I don't read as much as I should, although it inspires and changes me. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you through the church, which I often make about fulfilling me instead of about honori