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A Prayer of Power for a mission trip

Lord, You know I'm leaving on a mission trip in a few days. I'm a bit of a lunatic right now-- so much to do, and so many concerns. I know you'll give me enough time and energy to do it. I know I need to focus on prayer and preparation of my heart. I know it's about you, not me. Help me. And go before me. I pray your Spirit to hover over our destination, to stir hearts and longings to know you. I ask that your angels wage war in the spirit realm, binding the enemy who enslaves and robs and lies to these dear people. In Jesus' name, open up the heavens and pour out your Spirit on this country and on my team. Fill us and use us and change us, O God, according to your will and your purpose. May our insecurity, pride, and fear not stand in the way of your work. Overwhelm us with your love and power. Transform us. Transform these people. May they bind the devil in Jesus' name. I pray all these things in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen

Praying success over my child

Lord God, You create everything beautiful in its time. You mark out our days for us. You are with us wherever we go. It's important to remember that about you on days like this. I pray your encouragement and sustaining power over my child as he begins a new venture. He is attempting something difficult and daunting today, and he needs your touch. Cover him with your hands of mercy. Bolster his confidence in himself and his reliance on you. Give him courage to trust your will for his life. Help him see the world through your eyes, full of wonder, full of possibility, full of promise, full of need. Prepare his heart and mind for the next step in your plan. Give him success in all he does. Prosper him for the glory of your name. Keep him humble, hungry, and content. Groom him to be diligent in carrying out your cause. Use him, Lord. It's why you created him and why I wanted him. I give him to you, and I trust you with his life. Give me courage to

Bring down this enemy

Dear God, I'm going to access a little David here and ask you to bring down an enemy, an enemy of someone who follows you. Someone I care about. When someone opposes truth and justice, inflicts pain on one of your children, and brings shame to the gospel-- how do you decide when enough time is enough? After he has had opportunity to repent and he still refuses, what will you do? Sometimes you choose to take that person out. Perhaps this is one of those times. (I feel a little guilty hoping for this.) I'm not asking for this person's actual death, just for a reckoning, a humbling. On behalf of everyone harmed by evil people, I pray for your Spirit to humble, chastise, and even destroy the enemies of Christ. I've prayed for people's repentance-- and I know it's never too late for anyone to turn from wrong and turn back to you-- but when it seems repentance will never happen, I wonder if you could just remove this enemy from any influ

A prayer of imprisonment and freedom

Oh, Jesus, Your humility surprises me. You understand loneliness and rejection. You were a refugee. You were misunderstood, misrepresented, hated, and tortured. You were wrongly accused in a court of law. You were a prisoner. You were executed without having a fair trial. You died. Oh, the depths that you undertook to feel the depths of human pain and human separation from your love and forgiveness. What kind of love makes God willingly become its creation-- especially a creation condemned and shamed, who will lose his human rights and experience human death? You were willing to die for everyone who has ever done an evil thing. You cover sins so numerous and so hideous, so inexcusable yet somehow, forgivable. A willing prisoner, a willing death, to free me from the prison of myself. Amen. "God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the  prisoners  with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land." (Psalm 68:6)