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Prayer over the synagogue shooting

Lord Jehovah--Yahweh-- I lift up the hearts and minds of devout Jews everywhere, especially in Pittsburgh. Comfort them and give them the peace only you can provide. Protect them from evildoers, from violent people, from the shooting down of hope, freedom, and faith. Protect their hearts from the pain of violent words, from the cowards, the bigots, and the self-righteous in our land. Heal these dear people. May they never renounce faith in you because of persecution. May they seek the Lord while He may be found. May they implore the God of heaven to rescue and comfort them. May they recognize the Messiah. Thank you for the outpouring of love from people of many faiths-- this is God at work in hearts and lives. Comfort the Jewish doctors and staff that suffered their own trauma while attending to the shooter in the hospital. You are a God of justice, and I pray for justice on Robert Bowers. I pray that he repents and turns to you. I pray that he asks forg

A prayer of deliverance from spiritual bondage

Lord, the powerful God, Deliver my friend from spiritual bondage-- from fear, bitterness, anger, victimization, danger. I pray against the spirits of fear and confusion, of bitterness and hate. I pray for hope, healing, and restoration to the daughter you created her to be. You replace ashes with beauty. You place the orphans in families. You are a husband to the widow. You are judge to the lawless. You bring hope to the hopeless, sight to the unseeing, healing to the broken, justice to the oppressed, friendship to the friendless, love to the unloved. Delivering my friend from her spiritual struggles is no problem for you. Just another day's work for the God of the universe. I am in awe of you. In Jesus' holy and mighty name, Amen.

Intercession for Costa Rica

Lord God of the Universe, Thank you for loving us and dying for us. Thank you for using us to spread the gospel throughout the whole world. I pray right now for the missionaries in Costa Rica and the dear people they minister to. I pray for the girls and boys in the Child of Hope Schools, for them to come to believe and trust in Jesus. I pray for the after-school programs for the Chicas and Chicos, for these kids to find spiritual mentors and friends. I pray they would see a difference in their Christian leaders and learn to hope for a better, brighter future. I pray for you to protect these children from abuse, from drug and alcohol addiction. I pray they would finish school and find careers and most of all, answer your calling on their lives. I pray for the women we met there, that you would fill them with hope and courage. Provide for their physical and emotional needs. Protect them from abuse--may they be bold enough to stop it. Encourage them in their spiri