A Christmas Prayer of Gratitude

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for the opportunity and ability to Christmas-shop.
I love this season, and I love choosing gifts for people I love.
This is a luxury not enjoyed by most people in the world.
Keep me mindful of my blessings and thankful for the wealth you've given me.
Help me to share generously and remember that everything I have is yours!

Most of all, I want to be always cognizant that you are the perfect GIFT. You're all I need. May you be all I want.

I recognize that I celebrate this amazing holiday because of your humility--
your decision to enter the world as a helpless baby,
to live your life for other people,
and then to die a cruel, unjust death so that I could enjoy your presence forever.

How shocking and horrific that we often make the Christmas holiday
about what we get and what we do.
How blasphemous that we make it about snow, winter, and baking cookies.
If we're not remembering you, sharing you, and honoring you, then what's the point?

Thank you for your overflowing kindness and blessing.
And Happy Birthday!

In Jesus' name,

Isaiah 9:6


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