Praying Freedom for victims of human trafficking

Dear Lord, God of Justice,

I pray for the 40 million slaves in the world today.
This must grieve your heart.
These poor people, living in fear,
believing themselves worthless and hopeless,
not knowing You died to give them freedom.

They don't realize that you considered them so valuable,
that you sent your Son--the One and Only--
to die a horrific death, just for them.
Jesus experienced beatings, betrayal, abuse, and disrespect
so that He would understand that slaves everywhere experience.

I ask for Your Spirit to fall on them and speak truth into their hearts and minds.
I pray for them to cry out to you.
I confess their sins and speak longing for You on their behalf.
Give them hope that life can be different
and the courage to make an escape if they can.
Bring someone across their path to free them.

I pray for their owners to be seized and prosecuted.
I pray for justice for these evil-doers.
God, reign down your fire on their abusers, their masters,
their violators.
And especially, God, I pray for Your holy vengeance on the child-abusers,
the sex-traffickers, rapists and the pimps who own children and sell them for profit.
Either save their souls or let them feel your holy wrath.

I pray for the tortured souls enslaved all over Africa,
in Moldavia, Amsterdam, Thailand, Cambodia, Russia,
Romania, Bulgaria, and the United States.

Somehow, in Your grace and mercy,
redeem these shattered lives.
Give these broken women and girls,
these desperate men and boys.
Give them a reason to live--for You.
Save their souls and fill them with mission and calling to save others.

May I never be to satisfied with my life that I don't care about the slaves of the world--
the forced laborers, the child soldiers, the sex slaves, the child brides.
Compel and remind me to pray for them,
to advocate for them,
to join the army of people who work to free them.

We have 40 million or more people to set free on this earth.
That's a God-sized goal.
I ask You, God, because I know it's your desire--
Set them free to bring You glory.


Jesus states His purpose: "The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim the good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight to the blind, to se the oppressed free." (Luke 4:18, Isa. 61:1)


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