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How to pray a Bible verse when you're grieving

When grief rolls over you like an ocean, you often don't know what to do except cry and pray. The problem is usually that you don't know what to pray. You have no words, but your heart longs to cry out. In times like these, I pray Bible verses. I figure if God inspired them, then they speak the truth He wants to hear. And since the Bible is full of people who prayed prayers of grief, I have plenty to pick from. Today I found this little gem in Isaiah 25:8-9 . Look it up to see the actual words (part of a poem). Below is Isaiah 25:8-9, made into a prayer of grief: Oh, Lord, I believe you came to swallow up death forever. Could you come and wipe away my tears today? Remove my disgrace, my shame, my heartache from being remembered in my life and in this world. Let people remember me for your influence on my life. Transform my grief into purpose and blessing. You have declared this to be your passion. Someday, people will say, "Look at what God did throug

A Good Friday prayer of praise and thanks

Dear Jesus Christ, Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice-- for accepting the call as Savior of the world. You took on human likeness, when you were God himself, and subjected yourself to human pain and suffering. You loved us so much that you took our sins on yourself and felt them--held-them-- and died in them, after a day and a night of torture, abuse, and abandonment. It was all wrong--all unjust-- and yet you agreed to it because you loved us. You did that for me. Thank you. I can only feel overwhelmed by your love and convicted by your grace. I am so unworthy you. And you so patiently wait for me, call me, and protect me, even when I don't answer and don't want you. Oh, Lord Jesus! I love you more every day, but I will never understand the depth of your love for me. I worship you. Amen.

Second-most popular prayer

What kind of prayer do you pray most often? Requests, probably. Me, too. Requests    are my website's most-clicked on kind of prayer. It seems we're all looking for the right way to ask God to help us. Guess what the second-most popular prayer is? Lamentation. The lament. I love that. I have an audience of grievers and groaners. Praise God. Learning to lament has been one of the most impactful aspects of my spiritual growth. Instead of crying in sorrow, lamenting teaches you to cry out to God (that's the literal meaning of lament). Lamentation is faith in action, maybe even more than when I make a request. When I lament, I dump my heavy burdens, my grief, and my hopelessness at God's feet and say something like, "I don't know what you're doing in my life right now, but help me trust you. I choose to believe you will work all things together for my good. But oh, God, this hurts so much. Cover me with your Spirit!" When I make a req

Prayer for a sick child

Dear Father-Healer, Pour out your mercy, grace, comfort, and miraculous healing over this child who is sick. Death and harm are horrible thoughts and horrible possibilities. Except for you. Except for your power and your perfect will. Help me to believe in your goodness and love. Why must bad things happen to good people? Why is the world so full of heartache and grief? Why do you seem to withdraw when grief overwhelms us like an angry ocean? And most of all--why must terrible things happen to the most innocent of all-- to the unborn, the children, the young, the sweet and kind ones among us? Illness is heart-wrenching for families of children who suffer-- it's unfair, tramatizing, terrifying, heart-breaking. You can heal anyone and anything, so why don't you always do it? Could you do it here? Could you please heal this child? Would you please perform a miracle? More importantly-- Show us your glory. Change us and help us feel you close instea

Meeting God in the quiet place

Ahh! Here you are, God. Waiting for me in this quiet place. You've been calling to me all week, whenever I made time to watch the sunset or smelled the freshly-cut grass. When I took pictures of the cherry blossoms and admired the beauty of a lake shimmering blue and crystal under a bright sun, that's where you were. You were waiting in my moments of wakefulness and sleepiness, waiting as my first and last thoughts of every day. There your Spirit whispered prayers for me to the God of heaven. When I felt fatigue, you assured me that you would sustain me. When I felt fear, you whispered that you would protect me. When I felt worry, you promised you would make all things work together for good. All with your quiet, reassuring presence. You were waiting here, on a day I've singled out to meet you. Out here in the sun and the vastness of a quiet setting where I've made time to sit with you and hear what you have to say. And this is what you sa