A prayer of spiritual warfare over children's health

Dear Father-God,

You know what it is to love a son,
give a son,
and lose a son,
so you know what parents go through
when they're worried about losing their kids
emotionally, or

There are so many ways,
so many paths toward harm,
so many intersections of peril
where the world and the enemy in it
try to snatch up our children,
where the devil speaks lies about our love for them.

I pray your power, love, and dominion
over my children's lives.
You have them,
and you have a plan for them,
even if they don't follow you or your plans.
You will make beauty from the ashes in their lives.

But, oh, I hate the ashes.

Help me trust you with my children.
Help me trust you with my friends' children.
Help me to lament and request in faith,
knowing you love them even more than we do.

On behalf of hurting children,
I pray for patience in affliction,
healing from sickness,
relief from pain,
comfort in sadness,
hope in hopelessness.

In Jesus' name, I pray against the enemy
who tries to wedge himself into the minds and hearts of kids,
who tells them not to trust God,
not to trust parents,
not to trust prayer,
not to believe that you can heal,
that they are created perfectly in your image,
that you designed them for a purpose,
that only you can fill the longings of their hearts.

I pray, Holy Spirit, to speak truth into their minds and hearts.
Confirm your destiny over them.
Heal them.
Protect them from the evil one.

And give us all the faith to follow, whatever happens.

In Jesus' name,
the great Healer,

"Who ... heals all your diseases ..." from Psalm 103:1-5


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