What to pray when you feel yourself shutting down

It's happening--the emotional shut-down is coming!

Have you ever felt this way? I have.

Here are a couple suggestions and a prayer:

  • Pace yourself to prevent feeling overwhelmed; plan down-time, with non-productive or creative activities.
  • Pray and read your Bible. You need God's presence to re-orient you within a world that never stops pressuring you.
  • Talk to a professional or wise friend or mentor. Venting only feels good temporarily and then reinforces your negative outlook. Hearing the truth and believing it will set you free.
  • Hang out with affirming close friends & family. Your tendency when life is tough will be to isolate yourself; that's when the negativity grows.
And now a prayer for renewal:

Dear Lord Jesus,

You understand what it means to be tired, overwhelmed, depressed, and frustrated.
That's how I feel.

Please guard my heart and mind, Holy Spirit, 
from believing the lies that I'm not enough,
that I can't do this,
that I should give up,
shut down,
lash out,

That's not who you designed me to be.
You crafted me in your image.
I bear your likeness
and am filled with the power of your Spirit 
and your calling.
I am created for greatness that reflects who you are--
not who I am.

I am a living likeness of you.

That makes me brave in the face of adversity
and strong under pressure.
It makes me try again when I fail
and give you the glory when I succeed.

I will live in your strength today.
And if I do that, I will succeed in the areas you've planned 
for me to triumph.
It's all about you.

Thanks for reminding me of that.
It's a good thing I decided to pray today.

I love you.

PSALM 5:1-3--"... consider my sighing. Listen for my cry for help.... In the morning, oh Lord, you hear my voice..."


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