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It's not about me

Oh, Lord, This life is not about me. My pain is not about me. My relationships are not about me. My purpose is not about me. My success is not about me. My plans are not about me. Or at least, they shouldn't be. It's all about you working through me, changing me, changing the world. What an enormous task you've begun! I wonder why you use me at all. So when I sin-- when I misrepresent you-- when I disappoint myself-- when I hurt others-- when I give up-- when I hide-- when I don't believe-- it's all about me. Life is hard. Wisdom is difficult. I only have my own perspective. But I need yours. Sometimes your heart is hard to see because I can only see mine. I must lean into you, dig deeper, remove my blinders, open my soul to listen. You alone. Forgive me for listening to the voices around me instead of yours. Amen.

Serving our community with prayer and hard work

Dear Lord, We are serving our community this week. You are reminding us of your great love and mercy so that we are not distracted by the world we want to see or ignorant of the world we don't want to see. May the condition of the buildings we fix, the lawns we weed, the materials we stock, the lives we uplift-- may it all glorify your name and reflect your love for the whole world. Let us be your hands and feet to our neighbors. Nothing is too hard, too awkward, too humbling, too uncomfortable to do that Jesus hasn't already experienced for me. Thank you for your love and grace toward me and your overflowing blessings. Help me reach out to others every day, not just on a missions week. In Jesus' precious name, Amen. We have different gifts,  according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying,  then prophesy in accordance with your  ] faith;   if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach;   if it is to encourag

A prayer for kids' camp

Lord Jesus, You're having such an amazing week at camp watching your children love your children. The little ones, away from home for the first time, are making friends, trying foods, listening to lessons, playing new game, admiring teenagers, learning more about who you are. This week will change them forever. The teenagers, away from friends and parents, are taking care of children, applying sunscreen, wiping tables, counting heads, organizing activities, leading cheers, sacrificing themselves for little people. This week will change them forever. The adults, away from work and families, are organizing events, mentoring teenagers, hugging children, losing sleep, staying positive, teaching lessons, running games, investing in the future. This week will change them forever. I pray your blessing over all of them. Keep them safe, healthy, receptive, tender. You want to speak to each of them. You want to nudge them into the next phase of the

Thank you for fathers

Dear Father in heaven, Thank you for creating fatherhood and for men who are courageous and sacrificial while they do it. Praise God for men that take on the challenge of fatherhood, who grow into it, adapt to it, love it. Thank you for my dad, even though I have no significant memories of him. Even though he died at 33, he left a legacy. He had already started building something that would last. He left big shoes to fill and a wife determined to fill them. Thank you for my mother. For their marriage. For their commitment to you. Thank you for all parents who love their children and raise them to be responsible, caring, giving, and God-honoring. You leave your legacy on all of us. What a tribute a good father is to you, the greatest of all fathers, the one and only. I praise and thank you for who you are. Amen.

A scary prayer for grace

Lord, I need some grace in my life. Not for me--I know I already have that in excess. You lavish your grace and mercy on me, when, of course, I don't deserve it. Thank you for that. It's truly incomprehensible. I must not be living in consciousness of your grace all the time because I am often ungracious towards other people. Me, who's highly flawed, finds time and energy to judge other people who are also highly flawed. I get annoyed, impatient, frustrated , upset. I know that makes me human. Your grace has told me you understand my frailties and you love me anyway. (Once again, thank you.) If your power is made perfect in weakness, why do I rebel against my own weakness and criticize other people's weaknesses. It's so hypocritical. I want your power to flow through me, yet I pretend and fight against the weaknesses that make your power visible. I think the antidote to gracelessness is humility. My flaws should do the trick the

Confessing my country's sins

Lord of heaven and earth, You know what's going on in my country. You know our sins are enormous. Sickening. Despicable. Unfathomable. Unrelenting. We exploit the naive, the weak, the old, the poor, and the traumatized . We kill babie s, no matter what their size. We decide who has a chance to live and what life should look like. We devalue human identity and created purpose, confusing our children and adults about who they are and how you created them. We ignore the handicapped unless they do something amazing that fully-functioning people don't do. We execute criminals , whether they've had a fair trial or not, and we say "Good riddance." We waste our natural resources . We mass-murder our own countrymen and look for someone to blame for it. We desecrate our healthy bodies through dangerous lifestyles, immorality, substance abuse, and food addictions. We call it our personal right to do so. We waste our time . Oh, such a valuable commodity. W