It's not about me

Oh, Lord,

This life is not about me.

My pain is not about me.
My relationships are not about me.
My purpose is not about me.
My success is not about me.
My plans are not about me.

Or at least, they shouldn't be.

It's all about you
working through me,
changing me,
changing the world.

What an enormous task you've begun!
I wonder why you use me at all.

So when I sin--
when I misrepresent you--
when I disappoint myself--
when I hurt others--
when I give up--
when I hide--
when I don't believe--
it's all about me.

Life is hard.
Wisdom is difficult.
I only have my own perspective.
But I need yours.

Sometimes your heart is hard to see
because I can only see mine.
I must lean into you,
dig deeper,
remove my blinders,
open my soul to listen.

You alone.
Forgive me for listening to the voices around me
instead of yours.



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