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A prayer for my kids to serve God

Lord in Heaven, I ask for your Holy Spirit to quicken my kids' hearts toward your mission. I pray for them to love you from genuine thanksgiving and praise, not from obligation, selfishness, or pride. May they truly believe how much they need you in every facet of their lives. Convict them when they relegate you to Sunday mornings or small group. Fan the flame of service in my children. Stir in them a desire to serve others, to disciple others, to help others. Give them compassionate hearts and eyes to see the world. Let every conversation,  every relationship, every media post, every book, every mission statement be filtered through your calling on their lives to love you and to love others. This is all I want-- I want kids who are completely committed to you. In Jesus' powerful name, Amen. "We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will  through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives,   so that you may

Prayer of belonging from 1 John 3

Dear Lord, How great is the love you have lavished on me that I should be called your daughter! (blog here ) The world does not see me like your daughter. The world says I'm a middle-aged wife and mom with a quasi-successful career as a teacher, with unlikely success as a writer. I live in the suburbs, I never have enough money, I work too much, I socialize too little, I say the wrong things to my children, I ignore too many needs around me. But that is not who you say I am. I have inherited your kingdom. I'm a princess who never had to kiss a frog or wake from a coma or wear a glass slipper. I'm deserving of your grace and love because you choose to make me deserving. My unreservedness serves only to make me grateful and humble, if I choose. Or I can choose shame, materialism, perfectionism, workaholism, self-fulfillment, popularity, anxiety, fatigue, and pursuit of health and beauty. How foolish I am to think those things will make me fill the hole that

A prayer from weakness

Dear Lord in heaven, I feel weak today. So, so weak. Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. I feel insufficient. Not enough. Less-than. I think you call this a strength because I'll to turn to you in my desperation just to survive. In my frustration , I might actually listen on you. Wait on you. Pray to you. Obey you. Trust you. This process makes me stronger because it gives your strength a chance to work in me and change me. You make me enough, just as I am, when I have you. I can do hard things when you're the strength behind my obedience. Thank you. You are so gracious and merciful. You love me, bless me, and guide me. I am in awe of how you work and why you decide to work in me and through me. I praise your name, O Most High. In Jesus' powerful name, Amen. "But he said to me, ' My grace  is sufficient for you, for my power  is made perfect in weakness.'  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about

Praying for children with disabilities

Dear Lord, When you create a person, you plan that child before conception. Your plan is perfect. When children are born with disabilities or develop disabilities in childhood, people often assume something is wrong with them. But that's not how you see them. You have planned every person with purpose and calling. It's up to us to trust you how that looks and how that person should be allowed to function and thrive in a world that stereotypes everyone. I ask that you give patience, compassion, and energy to parents and teachers whose children have disabilities, children who learn differently, move with difficulty, or sit without responding. Give families and caretakers joy in the present moment, hope for the future, and no regret for the past or for what might have been. I ask that these children be filled with joy and happiness; help them to manage their frustration, anger, and confusion. Fill their loneliness with meaningful relationships. Help them

A Parent's Prayer (from Romans 12)

This morning I read Romans 12 and thought, "Wow! This is a masterful prayer for parents (me) to pray over my kids. It says everything I want for them." So here it is-- Romans 12 , turned into a parents' prayer for their children, no matter how young or old they are. It is a prayer over their destiny. (You can also read "A prayer of destiny over your family" here .) Dear Lord God, I ask for Holy Spirit to influence my children. May they present themselves wholly to you to you as you want to. Help them not conform to the lifestyles in this world But be transformed from the inside out— May they meditate on Scripture and see the world as you see it. Give them wisdom to discern your perfect will. Help them to be humble and serving in the church, To take their gifts and talents seriously, knowing you gave them abilities to be used in the body of Christ and not for their own improvement and satisfaction. Give them success by your stan

Praying over a hard decision

I read The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman this past week. It was good timing, since I'm poised to make several decisions that I don't know how to make. Life decisions are mostly good/good decisions, aren't they? Not good/bad (which would be way easier). What is the next right thing that we should do today? Just do that. Let's start with a prayer. Oh, Lord, I have a decision to make. I really don't know what to do. The choices are both good,  one clearly benefits me more. Does that make it worse than the other? I want to glorify you and bring you honor. Show me what to do, and I'll do it. And if it doesn't matter-- please give me peace about one of the choices. I love you. Amen. "So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do