A Parent's Prayer (from Romans 12)

This morning I read Romans 12 and thought, "Wow! This is a masterful prayer for parents (me) to pray over my kids. It says everything I want for them."

So here it is--Romans 12, turned into a parents' prayer for their children, no matter how young or old they are. It is a prayer over their destiny. (You can also read "A prayer of destiny over your family" here.)

Dear Lord God,

I ask for Holy Spirit to influence my children.

May they present themselves wholly to you to you as you want to.
Help them not conform to the lifestyles in this world
But be transformed from the inside out—
May they meditate on Scripture and see the world as you see it.
Give them wisdom to discern your perfect will.

Help them to be humble and serving in the church,
To take their gifts and talents seriously,
knowing you gave them abilities to be used in the body of Christ
and not for their own improvement and satisfaction.
Give them success by your standards. (A prayer about your child's success here)

If they can prophesy, give them foresight and courage to proclaim truth.
If they can serve, help them do it with grace and compassion.
If they can teach, give them wisdom, kindness, and clarity.
If they can encourage, confirm in them the words and actions, and discernment for the timing.
If they can give, help them give generously and humbly.
If they can lead, give them diligence, integrity, and perseverance.
If they can show mercy, strengthen them to step into moments of pain and lift others up cheerfully.

May they be sincere in their love for you and for others.
Give them disdain for sin and a passion for righteousness.
Stir devotion for fellow-believers,
Enthusiasm for others’ success,
Zeal for their spiritual growth,
Full of hope,
patient in hard times,
faithful to prayer,
generous with God’s people,
welcoming to everyone,
forgiving to their persecutors,
joyful with those who rejoice
and empathetic with those who mourn.
Teach them to live harmoniously, without quarreling or pride.
Keep them from racism, fundamentalism, and superiority.

May the never retaliate against evil-doers
And be known for their integrity.
May they be filled with compassion for the less-fortunate
And missional to those in need.
Through your strength, I pray that they overcome evil with good.

May their lives be filled with opportunities taken for your glory.
Make them shining lights, reflecting your glory, in all they do.

In Jesus’ holy name,


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