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Thank you for remembering me

Oh Lord, You have perfect memory. You remember me, even though you have so many more important things to remember. You don't forget what makes me grieve, feel lonely, ignored, foolish, or embarrassed. You know what makes me fill with pride, shrink in fear, and weep with gratitude. (Click here for a prayer called "Only You.") You made me. You know me. And nothing about me makes you pull away, feel disappointed or annoyed. You have infinite love, patience, and grace. For me. Even when I'm horrible. Even when I think I'm wonderful, but I'm really not. You have designed me, and therefore, you intend to prosper me no matter how much I mess up. (Cick here for a prayer about design: "Thank you for my children's struggles.") Thank you for remembering that I'm so so fallible. Thank you for remembering me enough to die for me. Thank you for everything. In Jesus' wonderful name, Amen. "As a father has co

Forgive my friend

Lord Jesus, Forgive my friend for being rude, for hurting others, for hurting herself/himself, for hurting me. Show them your power and envelope them with a desire to worship you with every tiny aspect of their life. I confess their sins for them, knowing that you will extend grace, conviction, and restitution. It's who you are. Make me an instrument of grace and forgiveness when someone wrongs me. Make me a mouthpiece of grace and forgiveness when I see injustice and it makes me mad. Make me a encourager when I can comfort someone who's been hurt. Make me an advocate when I can fix something that's wrong. Make me like you. Amen. Click here to pray "Confessing Someone Else's Sin" Click here to read about how Job prayed for his friends who hurt him.

You can have all of me

Lord, You can have all of me. My self-image, my dreams, my family, my career, my pain, my fear, my plans,  my secret places. I surrender. All of it. I give it to you. It belongs to you, anyway, because I belong to you. I don't know why I keep pulling this all back on me. It weighs me down, clouds my thinking, discourages and scares me. I am weary from the burden of it. You want to carry it for me. You want to carry me. So you can have me back again. Again and again and every time I forget and pull this all on myself. Again and again. I love you. I trust you. I need you. Amen. “Come to me,  all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.   Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,  for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.   For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”-- Matthew 11:28-30 For more prayers about this, click below: "When you want to quit praying" "What to pray

3 Prayers for your child's teacher

Teaching is a difficult, exciting, and taxing profession. It requires both emotive and logical perspectives, tenacity and patience. Firmness and empathy. Long days and long nights of uncompensated self-sacrifice. Teachers need your prayers and support to do their jobs well. Here are some ideas:  Dear Lord, Give my child's teacher encouragement today. Help her/him connect with all the students, model unconditional love, realize the importance of teaching and molding lives. Remind him/her to take the long look, past homework and tests, past student squabbles, into the future where these children-- including mine-- become responsible, thoughtful, caring adults. Help him/her be proud of that accomplishment. Amen. Dear Lord,  Give my child's teacher discernment and wisdom in handling crises in the classroom. Give him/her boldness to champion the outcast and mercy in punishing the foolish. Help him/her eliminate injustice and teach kindness. I pray for a gen

A prayer for teachers about teaching

Dear Lord Jesus, You are the great Teacher. You opened minds, explained truth, challenged cultural norms, welcomed questions, defended the outcasts, championed justice, presented absolute truth with absolute grace and mercy. You loved the unlovable. You confronted the arrogant. You encouraged the weak. You comforted the grieving. You were the ultimate Teacher. This is my wish, my goal, my calling-- to recognize those that need a gracious word, to challenge those whose minds are made up. To call students to a greater work than they have ever imagined. (Click here to read "The Abolition of Man: i.e. The end of real education") Mold me into the kind of teacher you are, as much as possible. Give me your wisdom to recognize need, to see beyond the subject material and personalities. Help me see people like you see them. Make me an instrument of your love and grace this year. (Click here to read "Believe, love, learn: how thinking like a ch