Prayer for a powerful child

In 2 Timothy, Paul writes his last letter to Timothy, his spiritual son. They long for each other's company. Paul knows he is going to be soon martyred by the cruel Roman emperor, Nero. He knows he might never see Timothy again. He knows that Timothy, as a Christian pastor, is afraid. (Who wouldn't be?)

In the prayer below, I've taken Paul's final encouragements to Timothy and modeled them into a prayer that all parents can pray over their children. 

Dear God, Jehovah,

You are powerful and mighty. Nothing can stand against you. You love my child even more than I do, so I am giving you my most earnest request.

Thank you for my child's sincere faith. Guard it and develop it. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me as his parent to pour into him. Help me to never be discouraged or dismayed by results. You are alive and working in his life.

I pray for my child to be drawn to your Word--to saturate himself in it. Holy Spirit, draw him to yourself. Make your words alive and understandable.

Light a spark inside him, and may he guard the flame of your calling over his life. Help him fan it into a roaring fire that pushes back the enemy and spreads to those around him.

Give him courage--help him to be bold and valiant in defending truth. Make him a man of power, love, and self-discipline.

May he focus on your sacrifice and his eternal destiny so he will not be ashamed to testify of his relationship with you or your work in his life. Affirm the magnitude of your grace to forgive his sins, even his secret sins. Make him gracious toward others because they struggle with sin, also.

Make him strong. May he endure hardship to please you only.

Help him flee youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace. Make him humble enough to avoid foolish arguments, gently instructing others in the Lord.

Help him preach the gospel with his life, being patient when confronting and encouraging others.

Mold him into your likeness. It's all I want. Give me the courage to release him to you.


Taken from the Book of 2 Timothy


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