A funny and serious prayer about sickness

Okay, Lord,

I'm sick.
You know that.
I've had this virus for 5 days now,
and I'm just coming to you to pray about it.

Perhaps you've heard me groaning at night,
gasping for air,
struggling to sleep.

I honestly haven't thought about praying over this bug.
I'm just taking my cold medicine and letting it run its course.
Seems silly to pray, yet silly not to.

Lord, please heal me.
Heal my soul.
Heal my body.
I'm sick, and I don't take it seriously.

My heart is craving selfishness,
yet I believe myself a good person.
My mind is critical and complaining,
yet I consider myself thankful.
My body yearns for a life of pleasure,
yet I claim to be satisfied with you.

I'm not satisfied.
I'm broken.
I'm sick.
And at the moment, I'm incredibly stuffy and achey.

What do you want me to learn about you today?
How would you like to use me
(other than bolstering the tissue industry)?
Would you please heal me?
I have work to do.
What you would have me do?
May I consider your work my highest calling!

You are the Great Physician, whether my nose is red or not.
Oh, how much worse this could be!
Lord, cover those who are truly sick with your comfort and hope.

In Jesus' name,

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