Fall on my city to bring peace and justice

God Jehovah, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ,

Fall on my city and my country.

Cover our capital like a heavy blanket with your presence,
with an aura of peace and brotherhood.
Whisper into hallways and alleys
that peace, love, mercy, and diversity
reflect who you are and who you made each of us to be.

Convict the haters that they live in opposition to you, regardless of their political and religious attachments.
They do not represent you,
and they tarnish the cause of Christ
and the essence of the gospel.

Remind Christ-followers everywhere
that they are responsible to be the light--
not a political light, but a spiritual light.
You do not need politicians or policies to advance your kingdom.
You need believers full of love and mercy.

Your kingdom is not of this world.

You are about releasing people from spiritual darkness
and physical affliction and emotional enslavement.

You came to bandage the brokenhearted,
give release for prisoners,
give sight to the blind,
family for the orphan and widow,
vengeance for the persecuted,
freedom for the captive. (Isaiah 61:1-3, Luke 4:18)

The role of community and government is to
and make right all the wrongs that sin has made in this world.

Our mission is justice.
Justice for the spiritual, emotional, and the physical aches in the human existence.

You are the Prince of Peace, the Lion of Judah, and the Light of the World.
You carry a sword, and your eyes are fire.
You will see justice for the oppressed.
You will vindicate victims.
Yet you wait quietly and patiently at each heart's door, waiting to come inside.

Let me always be on the side of grace, mercy, and love,
while I let you do your work on this earth.
You know so much better what you intend to do
and the price you already paid.

I choose mercy.
I choose to be a representation of Jesus in my home, my city, and my world.

In the strength and love of Jesus,

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See also: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Acceptance Speech for the Nobel Peace Price, 1964.

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