You are a God of life

This is what the Lord says--

your Redeemer who has made all things, 
who formed you in the womb: 
I am the Lord who has made all things, 
who alone stretched out the heavens, 
who spread out the earth by myself..." (Isaiah 44:24)

Lord, Jehovah,

I worship you.
You have made all things,
including me,
and you can do anything.
You are a God of life.

You foil the attempts of the wicked to discredit you,
You reveal yourself to the unbelieving,
You rebuild people and cities that are broken down,
You restore inheritance to the poor,
You place the lonely in families,
You use both the ungodly and the godly to accomplish your will,
You water the earth and display your creative genius,
You heal diseases and raise the dead.

You cannot be delayed.
You cannot be surprised.
You cannot be overcome.

You made all things.
You restore all things.
You use all things

You make all things new.

I love you.

Isaiah 44
Psalm 68:5-7


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