Confession of racism in the U.S. & a prayer for Arbery's justice

Maybe you ran 2.23 miles Friday in honor of runner Ahmaud Arbery, who was chased down and shot to death by Gregory and Travis McMichael on Feb. 23, 2020. Ahmaud would have been 26 Saturday, May 8.

Four months after the shooting, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has decided to arrest the son and father vigilantes. But will Georgia justly prosecute this travesty of racism, racial profiling, aggravated assault, and murder?

As believers, we can and should pray for at least two things regarding this tragic situation:
1. confession of the racism in our country
2. requesting justice for the Arbery family and other non-white citizens who undergo similar persecution in "the land of the free"

Why should we confess something if we had nothing to do with it?
Answer: the same reason that Moses confessed the sins of Israel, even though he didn't commit them. Moses prayed to stop God's heavy hand of judgment, which was poised to annihilate the Israelites. Moses' faithfulness and intercession kept his people alive.

What a great reason for all of us to pray for our country!
What a great reason for us moms to pray for our children!

Here's a prayer for Ahmaud's family and for all of us:

Lord God,

You are justice, and yet you're grace.
You are love and judgment.

I pray for your comfort and peace to fall on Ahmaud Arbery's family.
Surround his mother today with unexplainable peace and nearness.

I pray for the mothers of the world and America in particular--
to raise your children to love and respect others.
Let us raise a generation of peace-makers.

Lord, I pray for justice for all,
but especially for people of color,
for the poor,
and for the marginalized.
I pray for a shift in thinking--
for a rooting out the DNA in our country of supremacy, privilege, and power.
May the change begin with us, those who haven't committed crimes,
who don't hurt others--
may we stand in the gap for those who cannot fight themselves
or who cannot win without our help.

Forgive us for our selfishness and self-satisfaction.
Forgive us for not caring more.
Help us do more than hashtag our support.
Help us to be courageous--
to stand in the gap and advocate for those who are misunderstood and overlooked.

Pour out your holy vengeance on those who claim to be Christian but act like the devil.
Pour out your judgment on those who hurt, oppress, and kill your children.
Make your presence known in this country.
Restore to your good name the reputation you deserve--
one of grace, love, justice, and forgiveness.

Do what you do.
I give myself to you.
I will not stand in the path of love and justice.
Righteousness is who you are.
It's who I want to be every day.

In Jesus' powerful name,


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