Praying for your child's future spouse

In Genesis 24, Abraham sends his servant back to Ur, the country of his origin, to find a wife for his
son Isaac. 
Abraham instructed his servant:

1. Don't take my son away from here (the Promised Land--where God had called them to be)
2. Don't find a wife from here (because this is a pagan culture)
3. Go back to our people for his wife
4. God will send an angel ahead to prepare her

Pretty cool idea.

So here's a prayer for your son or daughter's future spouse--

Lord God,

I have already dedicated my child to you.
I trust you with him/her.

You created this child in the womb,
perfectly crafting every part of him/her, just as you wished,
because You have a special calling and mission for him/her.
You want him/her to love and serve you all his/her life.
You are protecting, providing, and disciplining him/her,
molding him/her into the likeness of Your Son, Jesus.

You love this child more than I do,
which is saying a lot.
You know what is best and who is best for him/her,
which is also saying a lot!
Please surround my child with your protection.

I ask You to send an angel to prepare a spouse for this child,
someone who will love and serve You,
who will love and honor my child,
who will choose the right path over the easy path.

Send angels to protect my child's spouse from harm,
from believing lies,
from doubting you,
and from listening to this world.
Prepare his/her heart for love and service.
I pray for his/her salvation and determination to follow you.
When he/she fails you, I pray that he/she will quickly repent.

Help him/her to establish a lifestyle of turning to You for everything
so that he/she will be wholly devoted and trusting of Your love and grace.
I pray that my child will do the same.
Overwhelm them with your Holy Spirit.

I eagerly await the spouse You're preparing--
the one my child will choose--
and therefore the child I also choose--
and I thank you in advance for the good works You will accomplish through them.

In Jesus' holy name,

P.S. I'd love some grandchildren! Thank you!

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Genesis 24:1-9


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