Prayer for law enforcement

Oh, Lord,

I pray for our law enforcement.
I pray for the safety of our officers and elected officials.
I pray for the emotional and mental stamina to endure
and the spiritual awareness to do what's right in every situation,
to trust you and to trust righteousness.
I ask for the safety of their homes and families.
I pray against any more loss of life from any side.

Give our officers and leaders compassion,
and a godly sense of justice.

Convict those who have sinned and change their hearts toward their fellow-man.
Affirm those who have served faithfully and give them favor with everyone.

I pray for healing of their hearts and their spirits,
for the emotional damage that's been done.
May this time of unrest bring awareness rather than hostility,
a desire for fairness rather than revenge.

Lord, end the violence in this country by changing hearts.
Help us to see you,
honor you,
and uplift you in every situation and through every action.
May we stop blaming one another and take responsibility for our problems.

I pray for the law's actions to turn the tide toward fairness and justice for all.
I pray for our leaders to re-write the laws in this country that are systemically pre-disposed to favor privilege and punish poverty and race.
I pray for sensible and right methods to enforce laws and make laws that protect everyone.
I pray against a military state,
against dictatorship,
against anarchy,
against racism,
against ambition and political power.

Lord, give us another chance to do right.
Help us use our freedom to give, not take,
to love, not hate,
to encourage, not suppress.

I ask these in the mighty name of Jesus who can heal all diseases,
including spiritual diseases like racism--
In his holy name,

John 13:35--"By this will all men know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."


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