Prayer for protection and vengeance

A paraphrased prayer of Psalm 5

Lord God,

Listen to my words and notice my aching request.

In the morning I lay my requests before you, and you hear me.

I wait expectantly throughout the day for you to work out your will in my life.

You do not delight in evil or relish in the freedom that evil people exercise.

You will not wait forever before you destroy them.

The arrogant and disrespectful cannot stand up to you; 

you will not tolerate their actions or attitudes.

You will destroy them and bring honor to yourself.

I call on your vengeance on my enemies--of your enemies--

and I ask for your mercy, also.

I thank you for your lovingkindness and patience toward me.

Lead me in your righteousness, toward your holy presence.

Declare the evil guilty and wipe their remembrance from the earth.

Separate their reputation from your name.

But protect those who love you,

those you faithfully serve you and endure hardship,

those who suffer and remain faithful.

Bless me.

Surround me with your shield and lead me into the battles you will win for me.

In Jesus' name,



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