An anniversary prayer

Lord God,

You are the lover of my soul,

my Bridegroom,

my Savior,

my friend forever.

Thank you for inventing marriage,

for having this incredible idea that two people are better than one

if they are joined in unity with You.

Thank you for my spouse

and for all our years of marriage.

I praise You for working in us and through us and between us.

Thank you for going before us in the hard times,

for carrying us through trials and trauma,

for blessing us always.

We owe you everything.

Every happiness.

Every parcel of maturity and wisdom.

Every comfort.

Lord, put a guard around my spouse.

Protect his/her heart, mind, and soul.

I pray the power of the Holy Spirit over his/her life

each day.

Enlarge his/her territory--expand his/her reach and influence,

may he/she impact the world in the way you designed and imagined.

May we both be obedient and compliant to all your plans 

and most of all, to staying in close relationship with you.

We want to hear You every time You speak.

Obey You every time You call.

Reach out to others every time You prompt us to.

Guard us against influences that would weaken our faith in You 

or our love for each other.

You matter first and most.

And then us, because our marriage shows the world who You are

and how you relentlessly pursue us,

in good times and bad,

for better or worse.

Thank you for my marriage.

I love you.

In Jesus' name, 



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