A prayer for power


Lord Jesus,

I want your power.

I'm in the darkness without it.

I need it to live,

to obey,

to love.

Without your power,

I can't read the news

or interact well with anybody.

I can't view my life through an eternal lens.

I can't make decisions that honor you.

I can't love those who offend me.

I can't forgive those who hurt me.

I can't make a difference anywhere.

Without your power,

I'm just noise.

But with your power at work in me,

I am light,

I am music,

I am love,

I am forgiveness,

I am justice.

I am Jesus, a little Christ.

That's miraculous,

and that's what I want today.

I submit to your power over every aspect of my life.

I hold nothing back.

I won't measure the power of my light with anyone else's.

That's your call

because it's your power in me

to do the work you have called me to do.

I do not fear what you will do--

I wait for it!

I choose to see you, 

follow you, 

obey you.

All glory, honor and power be to Jesus Christ!

In Jesus' precious name,


"For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power." (1 Corinthians 4:20)


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