How to pray the right words

If you worry about what to pray or how to pray, try this prayer. It is filled with actual verses from the Bible about WORDS. Yes, God has so much to say about words themselves. In fact, Jesus calls himself "the Word." So don't worry about if you're praying the right way. Just speak Jesus' words back to him, and let him speak his words into you. Everything will change! What you believe. What you think. What you say. What you do. Everything!

Oh, Lord God, the Word of Life--

I praise you for your words, for our holy Scriptures, and especially for the red letter words in the Bible. 

Thank you for speaking to me, day after day, minute by minute,

whether I'm listening or not.

You're always there, speaking in a whisper, speaking life.


Your words are sweet to me; they give nourishment and joy. I can always trust them (Psalm 119:103).

Your words are flawless--they are like gold refined by fire. I cannot improve on them (Psalm12:6).

Before time began, you existed, Lord, and you spoke creation into being with your words (John 1:1).

I can follow no one else, swallow no other truth than yours, Jesus. Your words are eternal life to me! (John 6:68).

The words you speak to me come from God Almighty, so the words I speak should come from you (John 14:10).


Lord, I confess you with words of humility and desperation; I believe in you, Jesus, that you died for me and rose again (Romans 10:9). I have freedom because of your love for me. You have saved me.

I will confess my sins to others--I will repent of harsh words by speaking words of kindness and repentance (James 5:16).

Jesus, I will listen to no other words, from no other source, than you, because your words are life to me (John 6:63).

Forgive me and protect me from believing empty words from people who don't follow you (Ephesians 5:6).


Your words are always fulfilled (John 18:9). Help me to trust you completely.

When you give me your Spirit, you give me your words to speak, and I hear your voice (John 3:34).

I speak your words over my children, for only you can guide and protect them; only you can nourish their hearts and speak the encouragement they need to hear. Your words do that because they have power (Deuteronomy 6:6-9)

May my words and thoughts be always pleasing to you, for you are my strength and my savior (Psalm 19:14).

Give me your words, and give me power to speak them boldly. Let none of them fall away, useless to your mission (1 Samuel 3:19).

Give me words of wisdom and blessing to the people who hear me speak or read my writing (Psalm 49:3).

Help me speak the right words with boldness and clarity, so that your word will go forth with power (Ephesians 6:19).

This life is all about you. 

My life is all about you. 

My words are all about you, or at least, they should be.

You are everything: Creator, Spirit, Word, Life, Savior, King.

No other words matter but yours.

I love you, Lord.

Thank you for speaking to me and through me.

In Jesus' name,


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