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A prayer for moms

Dear Lord, I pray your blessing over mothers today. Mothers like me, who need your hand on us. I pray healing over the mothers who grieve, patience over those who are frustrated and discouraged , rest over those who are weary, joy over those who are sad, peace over those who worry, courage over those who fight, wisdom over those burdened with decisions, direction over those who feel lost, discernment over those who feel confused, protection over those who are endangered, endurance over those who suffer. Give Christian mothers victory over the devil's schemes and grace to grow, in Jesus' name. Keep us from striving for perfection . Stop us from damaging emotional spirals. Strengthen us in our spiritual walk. Bring us laughter. Help us catch every moment. Make us prayer warriors. Hold us up when our children disappoint or when they hurt us deeply. You understand. Gather us under your wings. We need you, and we worship you, Jesus. We--the mothers of the world--are so blessed by

Praying against the storm

Lord God,  Defender of our souls and our Conquerer, I shout praises to you because you are holy , righteous, just, merciful, and fierce . How awesome are you wonderful works on my behalf! Your enemies cringe before your power. Why am I afraid ? Why do I think you haven't got things well in hand? You have raised the dead ,  held back waters, brought dead bones to life, healed the sick, given sight to the blind, defeated the devil. Nothing is too hard for you in my life or anywhere. Pour out your power on me. Hold back my stormy seas. Work a miracle in me and through me. I pray Jesus' name over the destruction that's coming against my life . In Jesus' name, Amen. "Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man's behalf." (Psalm 66)

When you're facing a new, scary challenge

Oh, Lord, I don't now what's going to happen next, but there are some scary options sitting in front of me, taunting my thoughts and terrifying my heart. I feel like I'm wilting on the inside: My spirit grows faint within me and my heart feels dismayed ( Psalm 143:4 ). I know that you are good and that you only do good to your people. I remember your faithfulness-- you do not bring judgment down on us like you should;  no one stands before you righteous ( Psalm 143:2 ). I trust you because you have always protected me. I remember all the times you have rescued me and comforted me. I reach out for you like a thirsty soul in the desert ( Psalm 143:5-6 ). Lord, come to me and satisfy my longing. Quench my fear. Renew my spirit. Do not hide your face from me. Every morning, remind me of your unfailing love ( Psalm 143:7-8 ). Show me the way I should go. I only trust you. Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. Holy Spirit, level the ground before me and lead me into