Blessings go both ways


Oh, Lord,

I bless you name and your promises.
You are great,
and you act justly in my life.
You don't withhold good things from me,
and you lead me in the path that you want me to take.
You bless me abundantly.
I don't deserve your grace
but you give it freely.
I will praise you to everyone.
When I go to sleep praising you,
I wake up praising you.
May you always be on my heart and mind--
when I'm working,
When I praise you, I am aware of how much you give me!
How enormous is the sum of your blessings on my life!
They are more vast than the stars in the sky.
I cannot count them all.
Give me the perspective and grace to bless my family,
and even my enemies.
Fill me with your magnitude of your presence,
and may I always sit in awe of you
and the astonishing actions you perform on my behalf!

In Jesus' name,

"I will bless the Lord who guides me; 
even at night my heart instructs me." (Psalm 16:7)


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