Raise up a generation; change a generation

Lord, God of heaven, 

Raise up a generation who speaks of your glorious acts,

who tells of your mighty power,

who proclaims your mighty deeds,

who defies the enemies of truth,

who wages war against their own human natures,

and who loves their neighbors like you love us.

Change a generation to commend your works to the young,

who models righteous living,

who defends the fatherless and the widow,

who walks in the law of the Lord,

who promotes the welfare of the young,

who plows the path for them and sets them up to succeed.

Then we will glorify your name in all the earth!

The lost will see you through us and seek your face.

You are good and gracious to all.

You are compassionate to all you have made 

You are patient with us who fail.

All you have made will praise you;

we will tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak your might.

Your kingdom is everlasting.

You are faithful and loving toward us.

In Jesus' name,


Psalm 145

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