7 Christmas Prayers everyone should pray


Did you know that many of the key characters in the Christmas story left prayers for us to read? They were overwhelmed, amazed, frightened, and thankful.

They were like us, really. They witnessed Emmanuel "God with us," just like we do. They had to stop in their stress and anxiety and notice God's wonder. And let that experience change them.

Below are 7 prayers from that first Christmas. Plus one from me. They all address the issues we feel on a regular basis.

The first 7 prayers are by the Christmas story characters themselves. Read their stories. Pray the prayers. Then watch and wait--God will fill you with wonder. I just know it!

He really does wonder well.

Prayer #1: Mary--"How is this possible?"--a request for understanding (Lk. 1:21-28)

Prayer #2: Mary--"Glory to God!"--a song of praise (Lk. 1:21-55)

Prayer #3: Joseph--"What should I do?"--a prayer of grief and confusion (Mtt. 1:18-20)

Prayer #4: Wisemen--"Where is he?"--a question of direction (Mtt. 2:1-12)

Prayer #5: Joseph--"Protect us!"--a plea for deliverance (Mtt. 2:13-23)

Prayer #6: Simeon--"I see what you're doing"--a recognition of power and destiny (Lk. 2:5-35)

Prayer #7: Anna--"I am blessed!"--a prayer of thanksgiving and praise (Lk. 2:38)

Lord Jesus,

This Christmas, help me to ask the right questions of you. Help me to seek you and find you. I want to recognize your glory every day and be amazed by your goodness. Your works are wonder-filled and inspiring. I am so unworthy of your love, but I thank you for your grace. I desire to worship you every day. Thank you for the sacrifice of Christmas-for entering this world to save me.

In your beautiful name "Immanuel,"


This prayer is reposted from its original posting as "7 prayers of Christmas"


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