Praying justice for the single parent

Lord God,

You champion the cause of the widow and the orphan all through your Word.

I pray for your justice, mercy, and vengeance on behalf of single parents

and especially for ___________.

I pray for just compensation, for money lost and support not paid.

I pray for your covering over the children involved that they would feel your presence and find security in your love.

Cause the attorneys to perceive injustice and make a case for fairness and equity.

Comfort the broken hearts of these kids and their parents.

Bring conviction to the oppressor's heart.

Forgive the contrite spirit.

Bring unity, collaboration, and even restitution between warring parties.

Help all those involved to discover life-giving options.

Close opportunities where malice, revenge, and cruelty can thrive. 

Give the judge wisdom and understanding.

Protect the weak and vulnerable.

Defend the widow(er) and abandoned children.

Heal their grief.

Shine your light of hope and healing into relationships and scenarios that seem hopeless.

You bring hope to everything.

You are a God of a thousand chances.

You meet us where we are,

and you lead us to love and safety.

You never forget us.

I ask you to show yourself powerful today in this hurting family.

Wrap your loving arms around those hurt and needful of justice.

Deliver it as only you can.

I ask this in the powerful name of the Father, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit,


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