Casting out demons and asking for more of the Holy Spirit


Lord God of heaven,

You are above all things and more powerful than any spiritual enemy.

You know I'm under a spiritual attack.

It's been going on awhile, and it just keeps getting worse.

But you've beaten the devil many times,

so he's no big deal to you.

You've even given me the Holy Spirit so I can beat him.

In your power, I've done it before, but I'm having trouble today.

I feel like giving up.


You touched me and called me "highly esteemed."

You say I'm worthy of your death,

worthy of everlasting life.

Your angels labor to come to my aid.

They fight against the demons assigned to hurt me.

Because the devil knows the calling on my life,

and he knows what happens when your children are fully surrendered to you.

God, I fully surrender myself to you again today,

every minute,

every moment when I have another selfish thought

or another vengeful emotion--

I again surrender.

Sometimes, I do it grudgingly.

Always in desperation.

Always you, eventually. 

I cannot live without your love and power in my life.

Lord, send me prayer partners.

Lord, send me a host of angels to fight for me and with me.

The enemy is too strong for me.

Holy Spirit, fill me!

You are stronger. You are undefeatable.

With your heavenly host,

will you fight for my calling?

Will you make a way in the wilderness for me to see and hear from God?

Will you calm the storm in my heart so I can walk forward in faith?

Spirits of defeat, judgment, betrayal, addiction, pride, self-righteousness--

I command you in the name of Jesus to break off of me.

You must go back to hell.

You do not own me.

You did not die for me.

You're trying to kill me and destroy me.

And I break you off in Jesus' name from myself and my family.

Leave us, never to return.

We call on the Holy Spirit's power to protect and defend our hearts and minds from your lies.

I will not hear them.

I speak truth instead.

And truth says you have no authority here.

I'm chosen, beloved, and esteemed.

I have work to do for the kingdom of God.

Get out of my way.

I belong to Jesus Christ, the Son of God,

the One and Only who defeated you at the cross.

He says I'm worthy of a victorious and fruitful life.

In Jesus' holy name,


Daniel 10:10-21


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