Pray and don't give up


In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus tells the story of an unjust judge and a widow who wasn't getting justice from an enemy. She kept imploring the judge to help her until he finally relented. This story is not a parable in which God is like the judge. Rather, this story tells us how to pray--with faith and tenacity. It also gives a promise. If this judge, who was selfish, gave justice to an insignificant person because she begged for it, how much more willingly is God to answer our prayers because we ask him to help us?

He's willing. He's just waiting for us to ask, believing that we will receive.

Here's a prayer of tenacity:

Lord God of heaven, who is my righteous Judge,

Give me justice from those who oppose me and my service to you.

Help me not be discouraged in doing good.

Give me relief when I am overlooked and oppressed.

Give me clarity of thought and vision.

Encourage my faith so I do not view you with limitations.

There is nothing you can't do!

You are the God of all power and authority over heaven and earth!

Your enemies quake in your presence!

Your plans are bigger and wider than I could ever comprehend!

I do not understand what you are doing around me,

so Lord, help me to trust you.

Be a wall around me, keeping out the lies from the enemy.

Be a strong tower where I run when I am weak and afraid.

Your Word is my weapon; you are my shield.

Lord, deliver me and bring glory to your name 

because of your faithfulness toward me and my faithfulness toward you.

Lord, help me to grow in faithfulness and trust.

Teach me your love and mercy.

I ask these things in the mighty name of Jesus,


"Pray continually." (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

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