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A 9/11 prayer

Oh, Lord, Pour out your blessing and comfort today on those personally affected by 9/11 . Comfort those who long for family members lost on that terrible day. Restore our country's empathy for human life. Convict us for choosing hatred and hostility over love and forgiveness, for creating disunity when we disagree instead of unity by working together. Sustain us in the hard times to come. Heal us from the suffering we've endured  and help us see that you walk with us through every trial, you hold us through every trauma, you redeem everything we put into your hands to control. Thank you. Bless us because that's who YOU are, not because we deserve your blessing . We are already blessed to overflowing. Thank you. I praise you and love you.  In Jesus' holy name, Amen. "'Many nations will be joined with the Lord in that day and will become my people. I will live among you,' declares the Lord." ( Zechariah 2:11 )

3 Encouragements on 9/11

Yesterday I taught a Bible study on learning to praise first when you pray. I mentioned that the focus of my prayers should always be on God rather than me, because when I focus on God's character--his goodness, faithfulness, and grace--only then will I have faith to pray for the things I need. Only then will I have the right perspective and the right motive to pray. Prayer is about sitting in the presence of God, not getting something from Him. I suggested forming prayers of praise around three important components: 1. God’s character—who is He? 2. God’s actions toward you—how does he treat you? 3. God’s history of provision—what has he done for you/others in the past This morning I clicked on the website "Lift Up Your Day" to read an encouraging post by Todd Benkert about 9/11. This was his advice: 1. Remember the character of God 2. Remember the promises of God 3. Remember the works of God Yes! This is why we praise, and this is why we