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I want to be an encourager

Lord Jesus, I want to be a better encourager. Use me to build up the spiritual gifts in someone else. Mold me into a servant, an encourager , a prophet, a prayer warrior, a friend of the friendless. Lord, please forgive me for not choosing compassion and grace, for not reaching out, for not loving others because I didn't feel loved. Lord, I want to see the world like you see it, to include everyone and love everyone like you did. I want to become an intercessor. I want to build others up instead of hoping they will build me up. I want your blessing on me-- not to make my life easier or better-- but to be an avenue for your blessing on everyone around me. May people see you whenever they see me and because your blessing is rich and deep and powerful, I pray that the people I touch find new relationship and belonging in you. Help me belong in you. Only you satisfy my soul. Speak truth and grace into my life so I remember that. In Jesus' name, Amen. "I long to see you so t