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A prayer of joy (and why joy works in a messed-up world)

Oh, Lord, I rejoice in your lovingkindness, your love, your goodness, your faithfulness, your patience, your forgiveness , your gentleness, your justice, your generosity, your righteousness, and your discipline. Your works and your ways are mysterious, but I trust them because you have always shown yourself to be trustworthy . You are good, and you only do good. Thank you for the history of the world: because in the midst of chaos, suffering , and victimization, you have always shown yourself loving, just, and faithful. You have always redeemed those who seek you. You have always blessed those who follow you. You are father to the fatherless (that's me)! You defend the widow (that was my mom)! You put the lonely in families (that's so many of us)! You free the prisoners (that's justice). You shake the world with your might and power. You paint it in brilliant colors, and you give it to us to enjoy (everybody can see your works!). Praise