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Prayer to stop the wildfires

Oh, Lord God, My prayer today is a lament and an intercession concerning the Colorado wildfires that are sweeping through neighborhoods and towns. You can overwhelm nature and intervene in this natural disaster. Please intervene today. While you always use tragedy and disaster to point people toward yourself , I'm asking you to stop the Colorado wildfires. Silence the strong winds and scatter snow across the valleys to stop the flames from engulfing any more homes, businesses, schools, or hospitals. Declare " Peace , be still." Protect families, animals, and frontline workers. Shield the firefighters and sustain the healthcare professionals. Comfort the sick and elderly who have been moved. Bring peace and comfort to grieving families who have lost everything. I pray for our nation to rally to help Colorado residents rebuild and recover. I ask for your Spirit to hover there, to draw residents to hope and security in you instead of their things. I pray that this disaster